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In this instuctable ill show how to make handpowered led torch from servo motor

The basic principle behind this project is servo acting as a generator when given mechanical rotation which is similar to bicycle dynamo

Step 1: Materials Required

servo motor

small cube with lid


super glue

Step 2: Fixing the Led

make a hole on the cube so as to hold the led and passage of wire

Step 3: Servo Connections to Led

servo is connected to led by the 2 terminals present in both ledand servo motor

connect the led to servo and just give a check by rotating the motor shaft clockwise and anticlockwise

Step 4: Gluing Up

using super glue base of servo is attached to back side of cube

Step 5: Torch Is Ready Just Give a Little Rotation and Its Ready for Action

Step 6: Full Video of Making the Torch



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    sorry nice try bit no.1 you kill the led verry soon.

    2 its a flash not a constand light

    3 to smal to handle

    i would put 1 item on it : Z -- you see here the letter Z, thats our paperclip bend it almost like that but with a Vertical LINE not scuare. put a piese of tubing on the side you turn the led on and you can CONTINU have light. (but place a resistor of 500 Ohm and see how bright it is then go lower in Ohm`s by 100ohm every time (not lower then 200\300ohms

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    and dont get me wrong friend,

    its amazing in its simplicity and looks,but the name was what me akted to respond.

    as i say ,nice


    1 year ago

    (related subjects) if we integrate rectifier , capacitor , modulated LED drive¹ with current control² ((then it's not sure if it's all worth it ... unless we succeed to find the working configuration for particular combination of hardware -- servo , LED , ...))

    ¹ https://www.instructables.com/id/555-Timer/step7/5...

    (the PPM drive is likely easier to fine tune for MOS-FET and vice versa than PWM -- about¹)

    ² http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/can-som...

    (there are not too many good precision high current limiting circuits -- about² -- though all above may need modifications to fit in to new needs)

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    (todays mood , muhahaa)


    1 year ago

    very good initiative for servo generator use

    (i guess i have some floppy drives lying around F;i)

    When your Led will burn (soon), add a resistor to the new one, it will last much longer !

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    ya sure ill try it out

    anyway thanks for ur suggestion..

    Let me collect these materials. Then i will do next things.

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    I will try it again later. Thanks for such nice tutorial.

    Add a capacitor and a single pole, double throw (SPDT) switch and toggle between charging the cap and using it as a temporary battery.

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    Ya sure sir I will try do it on my next instructable