For this project you need

Hot glue (Optional)

Velcro (Optional)

Piece or fabric 6 by 12 inches or desired length

Sewing machine




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Step 1: Sew the Edges

take you 6 by 12 in fabric and sew the sides and the bottom and leave the top not sewed.

Step 2: Sew You Pockets

Measure how big your pockets need to be to hold your markers and then sew two lines straight down to create a pocket big enough to hole your markers do this multiple times sew each pocket about a inch apart from each other do that until you have enough pockets or run out of space.

Step 3: Optional Velcro

Next step is to put your markers in your pockets the if you want to it is optional you can mark somewhere you would like to put some velcro so it would keep shut and hot glue it there.

Step 4: Have Fun

Now your Marker Mat is complete a wonderful and nice way to storage you can make them as small or as big as you would like.

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