Introduction: S.F.P.B.C.

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The S.F.P.B.C. is a combination multi tool I made from an old file. Its flat head screwdriver, file sides, pry bar, blade and can opener make it a great E.D.C. item.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-1 old used file
-Bench grinder
-Dremel (with cut off wheel)
-Knife sharpener
-Clamps or a vise

Step 2: Design

Sketch your design before you dive into it. Make sure all of your key elements fit and work together as well as possible. Its and E.D.C. carry piece so add and take whatever tools that will make your life simpler.

Step 3: Shape Refine ...and Refine Again

As you shape the big pieces off do it a little at a time don't jump ahead of yourself. I started with the flat blade portion and worked my way around easing into the file with my bench grinder. I shaped the screw driver end then moved on to the tip of the blade.

Once your rough shape is done refine the sharp burs with your file. The cutting surface of the blade should be flat and come to an even point down the length if the blade.

The can opener was a bit tricky. Using the grinder I took out a large chuck the steel. After that I proceeded to use the Dremel to cut the notch that lips the cap of the bottle. With a little patients you can too.

Step 4: Ahhhh Sweet Satisfaction

Once you have shaped every angle and filed all the edges use it! Open a Coke or in my case a Corona Lol.

Please use caution when working and apply all safety rule but most importantly have fun and build something cool.

This was my first Instructable so please comment any advice or critiques.



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    Thanks ironsmitter next time I'll proof read a little bit better lol

    in the introduction,can opener should be bottle opener. while you COULD make a can opener , the blade shape would need a different shape and tempering would become REQUIRED.
    In step 3, refining your shape with a file could be... problematic unless you anneal first.

    overall, a GREAT little every day carry.

    hard to tell because of the shadow, but is that a wire stripper ground into the blade side ?

    I think some heat treating might be desirable, but do not know enough to recommend anything in detail.

    1 reply

    provided that you managed to avoid over heating the file while grinding , a good tempering for this sort of tool will be around 375°F for 3-4 hours in the oven.
    should produce a light golden / straw color. me of the file surface for work on hardened steel will suffer, but the tool will be much ''tougher" over all for prying, cutting, and bottle opening

    I plan on more refining its profile and heat treating is a must. I will post more pics of the sketch . honestly I kinda flew by the seat of my pants lol

    The file will be hardened steel, so you're running the risk of it snapping when using the bottle opener. Could be dangerous.

    1 reply

    I think the risk is negligible for bottle opener as your prying in line with the long side, bottle caps pop off pretty easy, I do it with my lighter all the time. I think the snap risk is mostly in using it as a pry bar against the flat side.

    GREAT project idea!! I love the idea and concept and want to go knock one of these out myself.

    A "better instructable" idea for you would be simply to add more pics. One with the idea sketched on the file, and then like 2 or 3, even 4 or 5 pics per step (page), so people who may be new to grinders and heavy shaping of metal feel a little more comfortable having seen a good portion of it. If they can SEE it happening then people can mimmick it better. Food for thought.