DIY a real-like shotgun from scraps.

Q: Why don´t you buy one at local market and put it on the wall?
A: In Brazil it is illegal to sell, possess or use any toy or imitation firearm which substantially duplicates or can reasonable be perceived to be an actual firearm.

Make sure you see all pictures and pass mouse over the yellow box for details.

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Step 1: Materials List

Toy gun
E.V.A.sheet (1/10" thickness)
About 32" of P.V.C. water pipe (1/2")
Air-conditioning pipe insulation  (1/2" inner diameter)
DVD case (thin one)
5 furnace 60A fuses
Modelling clay
Fluorescent lamp clip
Black spray paint
Red spray paint
Black Screws
Nylon straps
Rotary tool
Hack saw
Hand Cutter
Hot-glue gun
Contact Adhesive
Scraps (for detailing)
Duct tape (of course)
Frame box (see instructables or buy one at Fastframe) with glass
"In case of..."  adhesive vinyl letters

Step 2: Disassembling

 Disassembly toy gun (from old XBox) and cutting off screw supports, sight and hammer. Be careful don´t  scratch handle, trigger or trigger guard.  

Step 3: Making Barrel and Rod

Cut or saw water pipe to use as barrel and pump-action rod. I didn´t use any scale or blueprint.

Step 4: Spraying

 Spray paint pipes and trigger in black. Just two coats are enough. 

Step 5: Main Body

Cut and folding a DVD case to cover hand-gun barrel and to look like a real shotgun body.
Mark and fold case as shown. Cut off parts as indicated.
Fix case to gun with screws. 

Step 6: Ammunition

Very simple step.
Remove copper terminals from furnace fuse (twist to break internal metal tape)
Spray paint cardtridge in red (lots of thin coats needed)
 Put back one terminal and fill "cartridge" with red modelling clay.
Spray top one coat to color match.
Hotglue five (or more) cartridge in a smal piece of light green E.V.A. sheet (try to keep them aligned).

Step 7: Fixing Barrel and Rod

Fix a fluorescent-lamp-clip to the barrel (use small screw).
Clamp it to pump rod and fix it using a DIY-steel-wire-lock.
I used a rack-nut (see picture) as iron sight.
Paint them in black (two thin coats).

Step 8: Finishing

Assuming that you already have the frame box with glass. 
Mark shotgun shape and cut a E.V.A. sheet (as shown).
Glue (hotglue or contact adhesive) to another sheet of E.V.A. to creat a emboss background.
Glue (hotglue AND contact adhesive) the E.V.A. sheets to back (hard cardboard) of the frame box  
Hotglue cartridges on E.V.A. sheet.
Drill holes in the hard cardboard back and fix shotgun prop with nylon straps (one in the barrel clip and other in the trigger guard).
Fix back hard cardboard with some nails and... finish!

PS: I bought  decal "IN CASE OF..." at local Mall (print shop express) and sorry about bad english...

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    9 years ago on Step 8

    PTBR-É sério que tu é brasileiro!?!?
    ENUS-You really brazilian???


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 8

    PTBR - Sim. Espero que tenha curtido o projeto.

    ENUS - Yes. Hope you like my prop.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Fiz para colocar no quarto do meu filho. Todo halloween eu deixo na porta do apartamento para a molecada pirar!


    Awesome Instructable! Wouldn't it just be easier to use an airsoft shotgun and buy six real shells? 

    btw.  5* and favd.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Indeed, it would be easier if Brazil´s Constituition had the U.S. Second Amendment (please, read the Intro above to understand).
    Thanks for rating!


    Great instructable!

    You actually beat me to it since I was planning on making the same thing...

    But you gave me a really good idea for making the shotgun since I was searching all over the place for a suitable shotgun prop so thank you :)

    5 stars btw :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    That's a nice build, you chose a good image for #1.



    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

     Thanks! My first instructable took me 47 days to put a idea on the wall...