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This is the SIHM-2. My first ever horizontal mag gun I have posted. And this isn't just any horizontal mag gun. It has a never before seen way of loading bullets into a chamber utilizing this type of magazine. The gun is also one of the most compact guns of it's kind I've ever seen. Because Horizontal mags are harder to implement into a gun than typical vertical mags, the knex community doesn't have many guns with a magazine like this.

The magazine holds eight green/black rods. It is removable and is gravity fed in a sense. When you attach a magazine, the bullets aren't automatically loaded into the barrel. It must be done manually. The way you do it ensures that there isn't hardly any friction on the bullet so maximum power is achieved with a green rod. The low friction barrel inside makes sure that the bullet isn't slowed down any and achieves great accuracy. 

Because it is a green rod shooting gun this gun is not intended for outdoor use. If you would really like, a grey connector shooting version of this gun wouldn't be hard to make, but it would have a lot less capacity, about 5 rounds.

So the way you load bullets is by pulling back the pin, tilting the gun back a little, pulling down the "mag push" until you see a green rod slide onto the top of the mag push. You then proceed to push it up, loading a bullet into the chamber. To shoot you pull the trigger quickly. 

Range is around 45 feet, but again, it is not intended for outdoor use, as green rods are hard to find outside.

That's pretty much it, guys. This gun is a new kind of gun, and I would really love it if someone built it and gave me some feedback on it! This is one of my favourite guns I've ever made. This new idea can also be used with bigger magazines, and bigger guns. A stock would also work with this gun.

This gun is also loosely based on the "PP90M1"

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think! Is this a bad idea, a good idea? Should it be changed somehow? What other guns could I implement this idea into? Comments help me out a lot, guys.

If you build it, tell me what you think!!!! (This gun uses 3 broken orange connectors. One has to be sanded down to a certain length.)

Step 1: Magazine

We will be making the magazine first. If you want, build two! 

Step 2: Handle

The Handle.... The part of the gun that you hold.

Step 3: Body + Attaching Handle

Here we will make the body and attach the handle.

Step 4: BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!1

I've been forgetting to put breaks in some of my recent instructables, but I remembered this time! 

This time you can just sit back, relax, and play some video games.... Your choice of system ;)

Step 5: More of the Body..

We will continue to make the body of the gun. 

Step 6: Check and See If the Mag Works

We are just going to see if the magazine attaches properly, and doesn't mess the gun up all.

Step 7: The Rest of the Gun (finally)

We are FINALLY going to make the rest of the gun.

Step 8: Rubber Bands and Loading/Shooting

Here is the last of it. If you need more explanation, please ask me :D



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is sick.I'm going to build right now.5* Well done. Its awesome. :D


    6 years ago on Introduction

    That is freakin' awesome!!!!!! LOL :D
    U should make a youtube video and show how hard it shoots and stuff. PLZ!!!
    This is so good it won a contest, so this must be PRETTY epic! :D


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    cool..... got the outer frames, and firng mech..... maybe next week It will be finished...... :) Oh, and of course, the mag is done, with slight tweaks.... made the bullets smaller.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    thanks man, i've built it and im going to see if i can mod it too shoot my bullets or white rods


    7 years ago on Introduction

    this is the horizontal version, the gray circles are white pegs turned on their sides, i tried to keep it as visually accurate as possible. red part is the hammer, THE HAMMER MUST REMAIN COCKED BACK AT ALL TIMES. this excludes when the trigger is being pulled. rubber bands are on the exterior. interior is only shown


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I believe i have figured out how to make the pistol semi-auto with a horizontal mag.
    Note- i realize this post may be a bit late I will add the photo in next post
    The gist
    The horizontal mag is above the gun, like that of a p-90. The mag empties into the chamber at the end of the mag. The mag is constructed so that two of the green connectors can sit on top of one another. The mag has a ram-rod at the front which moves up as both of the green connectors are fired. NOTE the chamber should be as smooth as possible. The ramrod is pulled forward with 3 rubber bands per peg, twined in a double helix for lessening of jamming.
    TRIGGER MECH- this is simple. the trigger itself exists between the sides of the gun. NOTE the gun at the trigger and chamber should be 3 yellow connectors placed side-by-side across. the trigger is pushed back into place with by means of the rubber bands, ten for this to ensure maximum force is exerted on the piece that actually fires the gun. it should be shaped the same as it is on a real gun.
    I do not have my Knex so i can unfortunately not build this, i hope that you may

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