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This is a Simple Camera Tripod which is very easy to Build and costs less than 1$.

U can carry it to anywhere... make this out from your bag... and click some awesome snaps...

SO.. LETS BUILD IT...!Materials Required :-

1. A nut (screw) of about 2 inches (according to the slot of your camera).

2. A small bottle. I had taken the Appie Fizz bottle. You can take any other.

3. Some tools.

Lets make it...

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Step 1: Drilling in the Cap. and Fixing the Screw.

Make a hole in the bottle cap as per the diameter of the screw that you have taken.

And then fix the screw inside that hole and glue it. You can also use bolt to fix the screw in the cap.

Step 2: Finalizing All Set Up...

Take the bottle...

Fill some water to it.. to that it can be stable while holding the camera.

Fix the cap...

And what...

Your Tripod is ready to use...

Step 3: Your Simple Tripod Is Ready.

Now, your tripod is ready...

Just take out the water... Put it inside the bag and carry anywhere....

So... just TRY this...

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