SIMPLE How to Make Your Own Nokia (3100) IPod Player




Introduction: SIMPLE How to Make Your Own Nokia (3100) IPod Player

This instructable is to show how to create a simple "Poor mans iPhone" which I called the nPhone. I was tired of always misplacing my phone and iPod I decided to integrate the two. Why not since the iPhone is so ridiculously expensive. This is a simple mod and if you don't mind messing with your Nokia (3100) or iPod Nano (1st Generation), then have at it!

**Lets be nice here, this is for a class project and I know its not the greatest instructable but please enjoy as its a cool "lame" project : p This is also my first instructable, hopefully I'll have more cool, fun ones to come in the future! :p

Step 1: The Required Pieces and Tools

*****Just a disclaimer: I am not responsible for any personal damages you do to your phone or iPod nano***
Also, if you are not comfortable using a dremel, I seriously do not recommend you proceed with this project.
Here are a few things you will need:
-Old school Nokia 3100 b (or the old school thick soap like ones) ;)
-iPod nano (1st Generation) Or possibly newer one.
-Dremel kit
-Tool Kit
-Glue Gun

Step 2: Taking Apart the Phone.

Like any Nokia, they are pretty simple to take apart. I wanted to see what was inside and to see how I was going to approach making this two in one device. The dremel is required later on to cut some of the backing of the Nokia off so we can make room for the iPod nano hardware. So here are a few simple steps to taking apart the Nokia.
-Take the Battery Cover off
-Remove the battery
-Prying the face Plate off
-Removing the six screws around the phones hardware

Step 3: Taking Apart the IPod

I cannot take credit for this part but for a more thorough disassembly of the iPod nano, helped me a lot in taking apart my ipod. I'll just talk about the disassembly in a nutshell but please check out the above site for a better disassembly :)
-Get a thin flat head screw driver
-Pry around all edges of the iPod until you can get it off
-Be careful of the hold switch, make sure its also switched onto hold as you pry it apart.
-Make sure you only remove the back cover.

Step 4: Dremeling the Back of the Nokia

For this step, you want to be very careful and and not cut yourself with the dremel. This step is simple, we are going back to the Nokia Phone for a bit. You will be simply taking off part of the back plate of the Nokia Phone. You will be sawing off the top/rear of the Nokia Back plate. In doing so, it will make room for the iPod hardware.

Step 5: Incorporating the Two

incorporating the two is simple: There should be enough room to fit the iPod onto the back of the Nokia now. You simply put the Nokia 3100 back together, everything except for the battery cover. Make sure the iPod fits into the spot you dremeled out, use a hot glue gun and nicely glue together the two pieces and your done! All you have to do is paint it or "bling" or out to cover up the glue and your're done! Its total ghettofabulosity! :p Alright, its not the best instructable but you have to give me props for a lame instructable :P



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    1 year ago

    Hahaha. Joejoerowley your comment made me laugh so hard

    it was a class project not a sales pitch for new company .

    im surprissed no one exclaimed velcro!! or plastic dip..

    at least "plastic dip " would be usefull.

    thanks for having pictures that are relevant and not of some funny other stuff thats unrelated.

    see thats not so hard.

    Hahaha it's funny because he didn't even use a real iPod. If you look closely, the play/pause button is reversed.

    9 replies

    I mean,because a bike has wheels must mean it's a car,right?
    "If it's not a car then why does it have wheels?"

    All the places it says menu are too fuzzy to read. However in step 3 you can see on the metal case there is a "b" Indicating that it should be "ipod"

    Sorry to put you down but this is the most useless, stupid, waste of money, waste of time, waste of technology and poorly built object I have ever seen.

    sorry to sound negative but i find it not so healthy or functional - have You thought that Your ipod is now blocking the mobile phones antenna?

    This forces the nokia to increase the antenna output lowering battery time and increasing spurious radiation risk!

    Cool idea, athough if you lose your phone you're gonna lose MORE than your phone...

    is that the circuit board showing thru??

    A simple and easy, if not elegant, way to stop your phone from scratching up your iPod or vice versa. Very nice.


    Ha! Combining the two most frowned upon pecies of technology in schools!