Codings Using NOTEPAD

Introduction: Codings Using NOTEPAD

This instructable is dedicated to the some of the coded creations using your own computer.As name suggest you don't require any program other than notepad !

So.........lets get started with a mystery that astonish me every time I check this out.

  • Everyone is aware of the (9/11) Attack.

The flight number of the plane that had hit World Trade Center on (9/11) was Q33NY.

  1. Open notepad and type Q33NY in capital letters.
  2. Increase the font size so it is easily visible.I recommend to use size 72.
  3. select the text and change the font face to wingdings.
  4. THE image would be self explanatory and drive you to astonishment !

Now we can call this trick or a coincidence or something else but whatever it is you will definitely be able to amaze your friends by the this trick!

  • Create a Matrix to roll on your PC in notepad.
  1. Open Notepad and copy the code provided in the file attached.
  2. Save the file as .bat extension.(Provide a name to your matrix and then replace .txt with .bat
  3. You are done.

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Step 1: Make a Virtual Diary and Virus in the Notepad!

  • Here notepad would be used as a virtual diary that always inserts the current date and time when you open it.

So here's what you need to do

  1. Open the notepad and write .LOG IN IT
  2. Save it with any name you want to and then close it.
  3. When you open the file again you will see the current date and time being inserted automatically after the .LOG line. This will happen automatically every time you reopen the the notepad file.
  • MAKING A VIRUS THAT FORMATS C-Drive of your victim in windows!

To make that happen:

  1. Open the notepad and copy the code from the file attached in notepad.
  2. Save this with any name but change the extension i.e. .txt to .bat .
  3. Your virus is ready.

WARNING:Please don't try to run on your own computer or else it will delete all the CONTENT OF YOUR C-DRIVE.I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS/DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER :-P

Tip:Last but not the a way for you to watch STARWARS REALLY IN YOUR PC BY SIMPLY USING cmd .................

Head to the next page to know how to>>>>>>>>>

Step 2: WATCH STAR WARS IN YOUR PC by Using Cmd (command Prompt)!

This is very interesting and amazing command prompt trick which will play star wars movie in the command prompt or cmd.Below are the complete steps to know how to lets get started.

  • Go to start > Run and type in cmd and press enter
  • Now type in telnet as shown in the image and then press enter.
  • After that o would be displayed as in then press enter.
  • Next enter as shown in image and then press enter.
  • Now star warsmovie will start playing on your command prompt.

You are have fun and don't forget to add this awesome instructables to your favourites!!

TIP:Most newer versions of Windows no longer include Telnet, which is the client required to connect to the ASCII Star Wars movie. This includes Windows Vista, 7, and 8. You can use the Command Prompt to install Telnet as long as you are logged in as the Administrator.

Type pkgmgr /iu:"TelnetClient" and press ↵ Enter

Enter the Administrator password or confirm that you want to proceed if you already have Administrator access.

Restart the Command Prompt. You can close the Command Prompt by typing exit or by clicking the close button in the corner of the window !!

Then again turn on the cmd and type telnet and press enter.

On the Microsoft Telnet command line, type o and press↵ Enter. The command line will change to ( to ).

Most importantly....

Enter the star wars address:

Type and then press enter

Enjoy the show

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