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Introduction: Simple DIY Industrial Style Lamp

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I picked up a set of old rotor-tiller blades from a local picker, and after some thinking I decided to make a lamp out of them. But towards the end of the build i had a change of heart.


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Step 1: Gathering Supplies.

For this build I used the following supplies;

-Old rotor-tiller blades

-Lamp socket

-LED Edison style bulb

-Up-cycled lamp cord

-High temp hot glue gun

-wire strippers

-JB Weld

-Phillips screwdriver

-Drill with coarse stripping pad

Step 2: Adjusting Blades and Wiring the Socket.

The blades from the rotor-tiller were staggered so that two were facing in, and the other two were facing out. I dissembled the blades and re-assembled them so that all blades were facing up, in the position that I wanted.

Next I stripped approximately a half inch of insulation from the lamp cord, tied a UL knot, and attached the correct wire to the correct terminal. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! Failure to do so can lead to a dangerous accident!

The correct way was to attach the "smooth" wire to the brass terminal, and the "ribbed" wire to the other.

Step 3: Attaching the Blades Together.

Next I used a red stripping disc, attached to my cordless drill, to clean and scuff the shaft of the rotor-tiller blades.

I really wanted to use the blades to build two hanging light fixtures, so I decided to use JB Weld to attach the shafts together as it would be a lot easier to disassemble, rather than welding them together. I mixed the adhesive, applied it to the shaft of the blades, and connected them together. I waited 20 minutes before continuing.

Next, I ran the lamp cord through the shafts, and used a high-temp glue gun, to mount the light socket to the blades.

I was now finished and unsure of the results...

Step 4: FInished Lamp and a Change of Heart.

After seeing the finished lamp, I changed my mind. I didn't like how it turned out, so with one good wack from a hammer the two blades were apart. I cleaned up the JB Weld that was left behind and came up with two new concepts. The first idea would be to make two bedside lamps by just setting the blades on their sides as pictured. The second idea, and my original idea, was to use a chain to make two hanging fixtures. I like them both and am going to sleep on it for awhile.

What do you think??

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Definitely the hanging lamp. It resembles a ceiling fan that maybe would have come from "Yesteryear"


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks! I made two hanging lamps out of the set, and am working on a set of table lamps to go with, out of old coil springs.


    Reply 2 years ago

    That would be absolutely awesome! Leave 'em rusty too!