SKIJORING?! (horse Skiing)





Introduction: SKIJORING?! (horse Skiing)

Equestrian skijoring (skiing behind a horse) is a simple, foolhardy endeavor. If you want to try something tamer (probably a good idea) try traditional skijoring.

1. You must be kind of an idiot to try to ski behind a horse.

2. You will probably hurt yourself (maybe even badly) doing this and that is not my fault. It is your fault (see number one ).

3. You really ought to wear a helmet (see number 2). Even though you will probably still get hurt, you are likely to survive if you wear a sturdy helmet.

4. In addition to your helmet, you'll need:
-one horse
-one competent rider
-one idiot (you)
-Skis (or a snowboard)
-A watersports tow handle (like you would use for waterskiing, wakeboarding, etc.)
-(optional) one ridiculous costume
-(optional) cones, ski gates, jumps, or other additional challenges
-(optional) one ambulance

The rest is fairly self-explanatory. Attach the rope tow to the saddle horn and give yourself a few generous yards of rope between you and the horse so that you don't get in each other's way.

Let 'er rip!



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    4 Discussions

    this looks likeso much fun but maybe dangerous

    Skijoring using a dog is a pretty well established (and probably safer) alternative... although if I had a horse, I'd be on this like cream cheese on a bagel! (It's usually done with nordic skis with when with a dog.) Next step, train the horse to do this WITHOUT a rider?

    I have an anecdote about acquiring a horse. A buddy of mine was drinking in a bar in a small town in Montana. He got to talking to a local horseman. It turned out that there was a regional skijoring qualifier the next day. The local guy had a fast horse, and my buddy was a former competitive downhill skier. They reached an agreement.
    The next day, while suffering from vicious hangovers, they, and the horse, won the event, earning them a berth at the national finals event, where they made a respectable showing.
    Neither of them had skijored before, but my buddy definitely wore a helmet.

    This is something I can deffinatly see my mate Fozz doing.....