Introduction: S.K.S.P.

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This is my Small K'nex Slingshot Pistol. I think it is the smallest K'nex slingshot pistol on instructables. It shot around 50 feet at an angle with two #64 rubberbands that were tight. The barrel is only 3 inches long. This should be used in a K'nex war as a way to escape from the enemy if you are captured. Pull this out of your pocket, shoot the guard to stun him, take his weapon, and make a dash for freedom! Please rate, comment, and subscribe.



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    I call this thing the mini monster because it is the best tiny gun I have ever seen

    how do you put the rubber bands on this? I tried and it didn't work and the rubber band kept on shooting off the gun instead of staying on the gun and shooting the ammo.

    Hi, KnexBuild! I know this is an older instructable, but I've always loved this thing. I made my own version of this, and it had a completely different handle and trigger. I was wondering if I might be able to post it sometime. Oh, and I'm subbing you right now.

    Are you saying that you built this gun, and you shot it without rubber bands? Or are you saying that you made your own gun and it didn't need rubber bands?

    But where do you do the collaboration? When I have made an instructable, you can click on something to do a collaboration.