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Did you know there's a way to start a fire by squishing air? In this project I'm going to build a tool that does exactly that. And I'll do it for under $1.00. This tool is completely see through, so you can witness the ignition first hand!



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    What are the sizes of the acrylic tubes? where did you get them?

    Could i get some tubing from maby a plastic injection company? (PTA Plastics. My dad works there.)

    You should build these for hikers and campers. I suggest getting a kickstarter page and pre-sell these to donors. It looks amazingly simple and lightweight enough to attract the attention of so-called doomsday preppers.

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    this should attract the interest of ANY kind of prepper, doomsday or the more common variety who just stocks up supplies for natural disasters. yeah, not every prepper is a political dissident who gears up for the end of civilization with a cache of ammunition and guns. no matter WHAT the ubiquitous propaganda mill may say.

    I have made a Deer Antler Fire Piston, with wood piston and rubber "O" ring, it would not work, then I tried a metal rod, no good, then metal tube and metal rod, no spark, I tried waxed string gasket, still no good!

    I finally got one to work, a Maglite Flashlight and wood piston w/ rubber "O" ring. Still trying to get the others to work. Not sure why the others won't spark. Thanks for yours. Great for showing young scouts the magic of it!

    Interesting. This is the same principle Diesel engines use for ignition. compressing the air/fuel mixture to generate heat instead of spark plugs. Cool!

    Wow! nice one! I tried this with an old mini Mag light.

    can't get it to fire, :-(.

    I will look for these components !



    I bought a rod but it is a little too big to fit into the tube. Would I be able to sand the rod down until it fits into the tube! And by the way i love your videos

    Actually, where do I get an acrylic tubing? I live in Pune, India and the people here really don't know where can one find it. Please help me.

    Can you please tell me what the inner dimension and outer dimensions of the acyrilic tube is, or suggest a good measurement for a metal one?

    Just made this. Works like a charm, great instructable.

    So cool! I want one for my survival kit. Ginna try to build one out of metal tube, though.

    Awesome! I had heard of this technique years ago and always wondered how it worked. Thanks!

    This is great!

    Did you try to make one from aluminum?
    Is it possible to use metal instead of plastic or would it cool down the cotton too much?

    Keep it up! Great work!