How to Make a Small Clay SLIMER!!!!

Introduction: How to Make a Small Clay SLIMER!!!!

When there's something strange, in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS!!!
I have recreated the lovable ghost Slimer. And you can to.

Step 1:

Any Clay will do.
1 Green
1 White
1 Red
1 Pink
2 Tooth picks

Step 2:

First began by puting layer after layer of green clay ontop of each other. That will be your base.
Next take a tooth pick and make some holes on the top for the teeth.

Step 3:

Then began making the top of Slimers head, by doing the same step as the Base.

Step 4:

Add Eyes and Teeth.

Step 5:

Add Toung and top haft of teeth.

Step 6:

Add arms and if you want food. Then your Done!!

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    Mr. Noack
    Mr. Noack

    8 years ago on Step 6

    Good job Matt! Your modeling skills are top notch!