SMD Arduino Bootloader for ATmega

Introduction: SMD Arduino Bootloader for ATmega

I work for make a device to produce free energy also need to know more about renewable energy too...

burn bootloader and upload sketch to a brand new ATmega 328, 168 and mega 8 for making your own arduino

Step 1:

Hi every one here is my 1st indestructible project that I have uploaded so it may hvee some problems on it, please accept me apologize. I was looking for video the help me burn bootloader and upload sketch in my own arduino so could not find it that finally found one. becuase it was not so clear for me on the end of the video I leave comment on the video for helping and thanks for it from video owner. when i could burn and upload my sketch on the brand new atmega chip decided to make some adapter for it, now i want to share it with you it may help you too. the circuit is located on pdf attachment, hope you like and enjoy it

Step 2:

ok here is youtube video

Step 3:

circuit at the beginning of the video is so clear but at the end there is no circuit I mean for upload sketch after asking video owner and sending me some help I made some hardware for it and now you can have all together hope can be help full for you

good luck and have fun.



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    I am happy you like and accept it !!!