SMG Preview (to Be Named)

Introduction: SMG Preview (to Be Named)

About: what's up guys, ben_the_builder here, my profile isn't too important, but im all about building (anything from knex and lego to the real deal and electricals). i love getting my hands covered in grease or en...

what's up guys Ben the builder here again with another innovative idea for you, my FIRST SMG, that has yet to be named, i have a few snap shots for you, no stats as of yet, but, hopefully the pictures will be enough or intrigue you to want to build my latest contraption : D

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Step 1: Overview

these are a few snapshots for you to have a look at, although this gun seems regular, my ammo is a little different ; )

PIC 1) my new gun : D
PIC 2) FPS, I'm actually holding onto the grip/grenade launcher attachment there.
PIC 3) ADS, rather accurate, but not so much powerful as standard rod firing guns.
PIC 4) 15 round removable magazine, my ammunition was in abundance when i uncovered some more lost K'nex. D :
PIC 5) how my mag fits nice and snug. : 3
PIC 6) the end of the firing pin.
PIC 7) this is kind of new to me, but i managed to encase the firing pin/ram rod for a safer gun, so there's no chance of being slapped in the cheek by the end of the connector.
PIC 8) trigger placement when you're ready to fire.
PIC 9) cocked and fired, very smooth, and very quick, blink and you'll miss it.
PIC 10) trigger placement when fired.
PIC 11) my rather comfortable stock : D it's not grooved or anything, but it does the job : D

there you have it, im keeping this one built for a long while : D i love it, hopefully you guys do too ^_^
ben the builder, over and out.

Step 2: UPDATE 1+ Accessories, Scopes, a NEW Snap on System

this is a quite literal last minute addition i made before i went to work

PIC 2) both sights down
PIC 3) a rather cool view down the top "smooth" rails
PIC 4) iron sights up and looking awesome
PIC 5) sights up
PIC 6) sights down
PIC 7) sight up
PIC 8) sight down
PIC 9) a better look at the railing for my new clip on system
PIC 10) an FPS view on my poor ACOG sight
PIC 11) ADS and it looks rather good this way doesn't it? : D
PIC 12) FPS view on my holographic sight
PIC 13) ADS off angled
PIC 14) ADS perfectly lined
PIC 15) a few of my attachments/accessories on : D

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    20 Discussions

    FINISHED!! i'll have a video preview up in a few days, hope you guys enjoy it ^_^
    all i have to do is make a folding stock for it ♥

    i dont have much byilt yet, but i have a working mag that loads like a real shotgun ^_^

    for those of you who enjoy this smg im posting up am ible soon and onto my next project of a true trigger working pump action spas 12 ^_^

    thanks ^_^ i had a build before this one without the tube and i now have a fairly decent shiner on my right cheek : ( so i thought id make it a hell of a lot safer to spare everyone the troubles of injury : D

    dr. richtofen

    Cool! I like the purple top to, haven't seen that before. But why is the firing rod pointed?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    the purple curves i kind of figured looked better than rails, and i don't have much K'NEX so i make do with what i have ^_^ i use the same firing pin on all my guns, the pointed one was from the very first gun i built, and i kinda just stuck with it because it hasn't failed me yet, other than that its just there i guess : 3

    dr. richtofen
    dr. richtofen

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The purple parts can indeed look better than rails, and I guess you can put sights or so on them too. And about the pin: Ah so


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    true, the purple connectors do have compatabiliy for sights. but its a little difficult, you could mod the gun so theres 'Y' connectors in amongst them and add a sort of clip on sight system and still have that same look, but it seems a little inreliable to have no flaw in making it a quick and simple "clip on and snap off" system


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    you were right! : D a few ball and socket joints and it works perfectly ^_^