Introduction: SMG

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I created this about 3 days ago and i still dont know if it fires. I thought it looked pretty neat so I am going to upload pictures. It has a removable mag , a foldable stock and an internal firing pin . None of you will probably like it so I didn't bother putting instructions.
Foldable stock
Removable mags
True trigger design
Internal Firing pin
Looks Cool
Pin can get Stuck
Stock make the gun look bad when its folded
Not sure if it fires
Was meant to look like a Spectre (BLACK OPS)
Over-all I hope you like the gun. If i can get 5 stars within a week i will (if i still have it) post instructions.



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    Wow, 297 views :D keep looking at it guys :D

    This was meant to be a prototype :D

    Is it fully automatic then....


    It's pretty good! I can't rate though my accounts messed up sorry otherwise I would have.

    no problem! please rate my knex ball machine to help me win the toy challenge! =D