SmokeBox, Handmade Wooden Cigarette Case by Lanceverde




Create your very own SmokeBox using the fully detailed and illustrated instructable below!

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Step 1: Gather Materials


1/16 inch basswood (or any material of same thickness)
.016 x 1/4 inch & .025 x 1/4 inch brass strip
3/32 (2.38 mm) brass rod
one smooth #1 paperclip
one #2 x 3/8" brass screw
one tack / push pin
wood glue
super glue

laser cutter
soldering iron and solder
power drill and 3/32 drill bit
pliers / snips / flat jaw welding pliers
metal file

Step 2: Assemble SmokeBox

1. Download attached .AI file and, using a laser cutter, cut out each piece. If a laser cutter is not available, you can print the attached file and trace / adhere printout to material - carefully cut each piece out.

2. Begin with the front plate labeled "SMOKEBOX" and, at a right angle, adhere the 3 7/16 x 7/16 (with rectangle) sliding panel to front plate using wood glue, as shown.

3. Next, find the 3 7/16 x 7/16 inch blank side panel and adhere to opposite side of front plate.

4. Locate the 2 1/2 x 7/16 base plate and, using wood glue, adhere between the two side panels.

5. Glue the 11/32 x 2 1/8 inch blank strip to the bottom left corner of base plate, as shown.

6. Lastly, locate the 2 1/2 x 7/16 top plate (with curved ejection hole) and glue into place - the curved end should be oriented towards the sliding panel.

Step 3: Assemble Sliding Function

1. Locate the miniature cigarette pusher and coat the end connection in wood glue.

2. Insert pusher through sliding panel, being careful not to get any glue on the edges of the channel.

3. Place slider on side of SmokeBox, fitting the glued end of the pusher into the corresponding hole, as shown.

4. Lower slider to base of SmokeBox to ensure a precise fitting / right angle.

5. Rub a light coating of wood glue into the exterior connection of pusher and slider, rub excess dry.

6. Begin a pilot hole using the #2 3/8 inch brass screw - tighten to a point where slider will still function.

7. Using plier snips, cut brass screw to be flush with interior of case.

8. Coat end of screw in wood glue, tighten and let dry.

Step 4: Metals and More

1. Gather paperclip and brass rod, as well as soldering iron / solder and pliers

2. Carefully straighten paperclip before bending around brass rod three times. This will provide the spring needed to push cigarettes in direction of slider.

3. Place rod and spring in top corner of case opposite slider, spin rod slowly to mark the area to drill. Drill into marked area to secure brass rod / spring and arm. Drill a hole into the blank 3 7/16 x 2 5/8 back plate in precisely the same location as the front plate.

4. Cut brass rod at 9/16 inch length.

5. Locate .025 inch brass strip and cut a 1/2 x 1/8 inch rectangle off the center of one end, as shown.

6. Carefully wrap both 1/16 inch ends of brass strip around brass rod.

7. Insert brass rod through brass strip, spring and brass strip as shown.

8. Lastly, cut .025 brass strip at 3 1/8 inch length and place spring / arm assembly into case. Dab end of brass rod into wood glue and secure rod to faceplate labeled SMOKEBOX.

Step 5: Fasteners

1. Carefully file secured end of brass rod flush with front plate.

2. Using .016 brass strip, cut a 3/16 inch square, 1/2 inch strip, 1/4 inch square and 1 1/16 inch strip.

3. Secure back plate into place (on non-secured end of brass rod) and file end flat (not exactly flush) to back plate. Carefully adhere 3/16 inch square on top of brass rod using superglue.

4. Using a hammer and tack, carefully indent center of 1/4 inch square. Bend 1/2 inch strip in half at a right angle, indent center on folded end of 1/2 inch brass strip.

6. Secure metal catch in place, 1/4 inch square should be at the top center of back plate. With back plate close, adhere folded end of catch to the top plate of case - indention on folded strip and square should overlap.

7. Locate 1 1/16 inch brass strip, fold both ends inward at right angles. Ends should be folded at 1/4 inch from edge.

8. Folded brass strip should clasp bottom of case tightly, as pictured. Adhere one end of folded strip to bottom center of the back plate.

Step 6: Finishing

1. Allow casing attachments to dry in place. Make sure back plate still rotates and is not glued shut.

2. Using the .016 inch brass strip, cut a 2 1/8 inch strip.

3. Carefully place strip in place and next to brass arm, facing cigarette ejection point. Solder brass arms together.

4. Locate "L" shaped piece (not pictured) and place flush with interior lining of case, beveled corner should be oriented towards brass rod / spring mechanism. This piece should adhere to all edges of the interior casing. Secure in place using wood glue.

5. Done. Let dry, insert cigarettes and enjoy.

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    16 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Nice Project!!! The pdf os empty. Please help


    5 years ago

    where is the attached file? cant find it.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I was planning on doing a wooden cigarette case myself—I literally started drawing out different design options yesterday.

    Of course, none of my designs included that sweet sliding dispenser action or a freaking "last cigarette" indicator light like the one in the video! You are mad, and I tip my hat to you.

    1 reply

    5 years ago



    5 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome project and instructable. I am sure that this could easily be altered for gum, toothpicks, etc for those that do not smoke. I quit over a year ago and still carry a lighter. Who knows I might need it! Anyway it goes this is a great project and instructable and I look forward to seeing more from you!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cigarette smoking has been bad for my health since I quit in 1991 …
    Any other idea for the use of this box so I can make one without adding a useless project to the zillions that already clutter my home ?…

    Then again a short video would have helped to see how the spring works : I'm a little bit confused on this point.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Love the idea, but having quit 14 years ago I find myself wondering what I can use it for ... very cool device. Dang.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    A very elegant piece of engineering and design. Almost wanted to take up smoking again. But 'smoking' ? Who smokes nowadays?

    Wooden-Cigarette Case. Who smokes wooden cigarettes? Wooden cigarettes wooden give anyone any cancer problems and wooden give any further concern.


    Having been warned by my doctor that being asthmatic, smoking would be signing my death warrant, I never got into it. Is it all about getting the 'buzz' from smoking? In the 60 years I've been alive I've discovered the "old men's cough" wasn't just due to them being feeble, but directly due to their smoking habits, and then later a discovery that it lead to all forms of cancer. So, knowing this, is it all for the 'buzz' that people smoke in this age. I just want to know, because otherwise I can't logically understand it.