SMPS Power Supply With User Defined Setpoint

Introduction: SMPS Power Supply With User Defined Setpoint

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Hey! Neel here, again with new project.

This time I have made SMPS with feedback with user defined input variable power supply. This power supply take input from the user and give the appropriate output. The power supply is made with feedback. So, there will be not voltage dips while changing the loads because it is taking the feedback from output constantly in milliseconds.

In this project you will need :

1. 8051 MCU

2. ADC ad0804

3. MOSFET n-channel 2N70000

4.Couple of caps , inductors , resistors ,diode

5. KEIL compiler , Proteus simulator.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

In image the circuit of buck converter from 24v DC to variable volts is shown.

connect the leads to ADC and 8051 according to the circuit diagram.

Take value of cap in buck circuit between 100uf to 1uf and inductor of 6H. Now, at the output side make voltage divider of 1/10.

the hex file for coding is attached below.(adc.hex)

txt file for code edit attached below as well. I have given set point of 2v in hex file. you can change it in txt file and compile in KEIL vision .

Step 2: Response of System

In response image of 100uf cap you can see the sluggish response and steady state error of 0.5mv. Settling time is 4.8 seconds

In 1uf system response of very quick. Settling time is 50 -60 milliseconds. The output vary 0.1mv around the setpoint .

In conclusion the 1uf cap is good for the response because of quick settling time. You can take different caps and observe the response of system.

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