SMS System Alarm Using Sim 800L, Motion Detector and Atmega 328

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This is for detect Misterius motion at Home... notification with SMS messages.

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Step 1: Schematic

this is Schematic for Alarm System SMS with SIM 800L & motion detector

Step 2: PCB Design

PCB design with PCB wizard

Step 3: Transfer Paper

Layout printed on photo paper and using laser jet with toner ink. Then i used iron to transfer toner to PCB.

etching the PCB in Fretid Chloride., and dril the hole.

Step 4: How to Input the Coding?

Using Board arduino Uno R3 with DIP IC 328.

then put the IC 328 and used on this PCB.

Step 5: Finish

This messages SMS from sim 800L

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2 Discussions


Question 1 year ago on Step 5

hi i need sim 800l code for send sms
thank you


1 year ago

Thank you very much
Unfortunately, this project (alert project) sends out every 55 minutes. Please guide, thank you very much and thank you.