SNES Painted With Backlit LED Grill

Introduction: SNES Painted With Backlit LED Grill

Buy the stupid game bit sockets people, tired of seeing people melting good ink pens like crack heads to get this screws out. Mine cost $5 and shipped in 2-3 days!
Ok anyway this wil make your functional but faded nasty SNES look epic for low $$$

Put it on ebay too, started auction at $39

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Step 1: Disassemble

Take it apart it's super easy, take pics or refer to these so you know how it goes back together. Be careful when removing the tape wire strip from the front middle, it's comes off pretty easily though.
Is yours as butt nasty as mine? My late grandma once had a funkolicious couch that would have matched this.

Step 2: Paint That Turd & Reassemble

I used 1000-1500 sandpaper and plain white spay paint made for plastics from lowes, I was there anyway getting other manly shit.

Step 3: Oh Yeah the LED

Skipped a step! I soldered in +/- lead wires at the power LED on the front of board and ran them to the back of the case to some LEDs

I put this one on eBay to fund other projects

Step 4: After Thoughts

I got 50 LEDs for next to nothing but it's a lot of tedious work soldering them to wires. Next console I will buy LED strips or circuit boards to nearly mount the LEDs.

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    How did you solder the lights together without sacrificing the power of them. Your instructions aren't very clear...


    Reply 4 years ago

    I believe if you wire the leds in parallel and each strand has its own resistor then it doesn't sacrifice any power, or something to that affect I am still new and learning. I agree though, some more information would be nice but also if you don't have any experience or at least the bare minimum common sense to google then it's probably not a good idea to attempt.