SNOM 360 Display Fix

Introduction: SNOM 360 Display Fix

Fixing the SNOM 360 VOIP phones display issues -- does your screen flicker when you move the phone? Is it dim or non-operational? Learn how to fix the ribbon cable that connects the large LCD on the SNOM 360 phones to the main circuit board and also fix a little engineering issue also.

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Step 1: Taking Phone Apart

First of all we need to get to the screws and take the two halves of the phone apart. There are five screws -- you'll need to take the base plate off first. If you can't figure out how to get that part off . . please don't go any further, lest you turn your phone into a smoking pile of charred plastic . . . which I'm not responsible for! The four corners and then the fifth up in the cradle area is all you need to take out.

Step 2: Seperating the Pieces and Spying the Problem

There will still be a little cable that holds the two halves of the phone together -- I didn't bother with taking it loose, because you'll be able to instantly see what the problem is.

Step 3: Fixing First Problem - the Ribbon Connector

The first problem is just getting the ribbon connector cable back where it belongs and then reattaching with glue. In this case I used some hot glue.

Step 4: Fixing the Second Problem -- Cable Stability

This is where I had a little inspiration of creativity -- I thought there should be some other way to eliminate the strain on that cable as the display pivots. There were two screws right there on the board . . . and a drawer full of paper clips. Yep -- I put on my Macgyver cap and decided to engineer a little strain relief system for the phone.

Step 5: Put It Back Together and Test

This is the last part of the whole shebang . . . put the phone back together and see if it works.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I don't know what snom 360 is, but this actually looks like a fun Instructable to do to that machine thing. Not too hard, actually...