Here's you an idea for all those park maps you brought home during you last visit to a theme park, or any kind of paper you'd like to make into a bag.

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Step 1: Supply List and the Vinyl I Bought

Supply List

Sewing machine/or needle and thread

Your park map

Iron on vinyl (Mine was Pellon Brand)

If you are putting a liner in your bag you will need a lining fabric

If using a liner use double sided fusible ultra firm stabilizer, If you’re not planning on lining it use single sided stabilizer (Pellon also makes both of these and you can get it at Jo Anns or if your Walmart has a fabric section there by the yard.)

Swivel snap hooks

Iron on patch/leather/ or stiff fabric


Marking utensil (pen, pencil, marker)

Iron, on a medium setting


Sheet of paper, or tissue paper

Optional binder clips

Step 2:

First you’re going to want to iron all the wrinkles out of your map and get it to lay flat. Then decide on your size. Mine was 7 x 8 ½.

Step 3:

Cut your vinyl, stabilizer, and lining (if doing a lining) fabric to size, leave your vinyl slightly larger than your finished size, but the stabilizer and lining at size.

Step 4:

Follow the directions on the vinyl and iron it to the right side of the map. (the part showing) The directions on my said to peel the vinyl from the backing attach to the paper. (it’s slightly tacky like a sticker) Then place the backing, shiny side down,onto the top of the vinyl and using a med. Setting on the iron. Place and lift the iron on the backing, holding it in place for 8 sec. at a time. Overlapping it to get it all down tight.

Step 5:

Trim your vinyl to the very edge of the map.

Step 6:

Then put the map on top of the stabilizer back side down. Place your paper backing for the vinyl back over the top of the vinyl sheet you just made, and iron it again, ironing it to the stabilizer. According to the directions that came with the stabilizer.

Step 7:

If you are doing a liner, you would then put the paper backing of the vinyl down, placing the map side down on to the paper, with the stabilizer side up, then up your liner fabric on top, then iron it on according to the directions.

Step 8:

Next you’re going to line your zipper up to the top of the map, right sides together, zipper facing down. Just like the photo.

Step 9:

Move your needle to the left side of your machine, then sew a straight med. Stitch all the way down, to the end, backing your very first and last stitches to lock them in.

Step 10:

Next you’re going to fold the zipper over. Like in the photo.

Step 11:

Then turn the “map” over and fold the seem down and iron it, flat. IF YOU ARE USING A PLASTIC ZIPPER MAKE SURE YOUR IRON ISN’T TOO HOT AND YOU MELT YOUR ZIPPER.

Step 12:

Then you’re going to sew that down. With the same stitch right up against the seam you just sewed. Keeping the seam as close to the edge as possible.

Step 13:

Then you’re going to line up the other side of the zipper the same way you just did the other side and repeat the same process. If you need to you can un-zip the zipper half way , sew to that half way point, then zip it back up to finish the seam.

Step 14:

Fold the seam backwards just like the other side, and iron it the say way. Then sew it just like the other side.

Step 15:

On to the swivel snap hooks. Here I used iron on patch, (for like fixing you jeans) it’s sturdy and easy to sew.

Step 16:

I just cut a strip about 3 ½ to 4 times the width of your swivel hook. Fold that in half, iron it, then fold it in half again and iron it again.

Step 17:

Run it threw the swivel hook as pictured, you only need about a 2 inch long strip. Fold it in half.

Step 18:

Put a couple stitches in it to hold it in place.

Step 19:

They’ll look like this

Step 20:

Figure out their placement, then place them facing into the bag as shown, ends sticking out. Next you can stitch them in place where you want them, or use clips to hold them in place, DON’T USE PINS THEY WILL LEAVE HOLES THAT YOU WILL SEE IN THE FINAL PRODUCT.

Step 21:


Lay some kind of paper over the right side of your bag

Step 22:

Then fold the right sides together matching up the bottom corners. Here’s another spot where those clips will come in handy.

Step 23:


Return to the sewing machine and sew along both sides and the bottom. Making sure to back stitch to lock in your seams.

Step 24:

Next tear the paper from the sides.

Step 25:

Trim your bottom corners. This will help your corners look better.

Step 26:

Now you can turn it right side out. Thankfully we unzipped it half way :) Here’s where that paper will help you keep the vinyl on vinyl from sticking together and keep it from turning right side out. Next if you want you can attach a strap to the swivel hooks, but we like to keep it this way so we can attach it to our belt loops on our pants and have not strap to deal with in the parks. ENJOY

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