SP Water Pump




Introduction: SP Water Pump

Finished Product, Exterior and Interior Housings.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Total Summary and Sectional Breakdown

Step 2: Water Valves

Three Different Valves needed.

Step 3: Pressure Seal

PVC cross section with wrapped in cloth.

Step 4: Outer Housing

65mm Ø PVC Housing. Valve on inlet. Valve stopper to keep valve in position.

Step 5: Outlet Housing

40mm Ø outlet housing. Outlet valve. Stopper to keep valve in position.

Step 6: Pump Handle

Rebar welded to 20mm Ø steel. Connect to wood handle by PVC and glue.

Step 7: Interior Housing: Handle Connection

40mm Ø male connector and 40mm Ø PVC drilled to accept pin. Covered by 65mm Ø PVC.

Step 8: Drilled PVC and Cement Plug

40mm Ø drilled section. One end plug by cement, 70mm length.

Step 9: Interior Housing Valve

Valve on interior housing. Two different options shown depending on available material. Pressure seal added between threaded connectors.

Step 10: Interior Housing

Interior housing finished.

Step 11: Frame Assembly

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    The photos (and especially the cross section imagery you created) are very good. But I think you can use a little more explanation on each step, and possibly a few pictures or a video of the pump in action would be great.

    Keep up the good work.