Introduction: SPACE BOMB


Hi, my name is Gajendra Kumar .C.L I am from Project DEFY nook Kagglipura I have been here from last 2 Weeks.

I will show you how to make space bomb by using ice cream stick. this my second project on Inscrutable I made this just for fun, exspecialy it is like good toy for small kids.


5 Ice cream sticks

Step 1: Hold Like V Shape

Take two Ice cream sticks now hold both ends of stick like v shape just hold do not stick it, which is as shown in the image.

Step 2: Increasing Stick

Now put another stick on vertex of V shape like which is exactly at the center of the V shape(just hold like this but do not stick) which is as shown in the image.

Step 3: Make a Shape

After add a stick in V shape now insert another stick horizontally which is like both ends should be bhiend the left and right sticks and above the middle one but do not stick,which is shown in the first image.

Now insert another stick horizontally which is slightly below the first horizontal stick, like both ends should be above the left and right stick and behind the middle one which is shown in the image.

Now our space bomb is ready to launch, I enjoyed a lot you also try.

Note: Do not apply any kind of adhessives anywhere, just keep holding.

Step 4:



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