SPACE SAVING, Hacks and Organization



Introduction: SPACE SAVING, Hacks and Organization

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Do you live in a dorm room, or just have small amount of space left on your room, you wish where more organized that what they are now? I made up some DIY´s, some life hacks and some organization tips, that will probably come in handy if the small room challenge is your scenario.

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Step 1: Roll Your Clothes

Okay so this first one is something a lot of you probably have heard of before, but maybe never done? Well then I recommend you doing it right away, roll your clothes!
This actually saves a lot of space while you can see every shirt in your closet.

Step 2: Grid Wall

This is a smart one if you have a lot of papers or little things that you need to know where is. I went to the store and bought a composter and some spray paint. The I drilled two nails into the wall and hung it up.

Then you have a nice display you can either use for decoration or organization, or both!

Step 3: Mount Wheels

Something thats smart to do if you live in a small place or a dorm is to mount wheels on your furniture. Then when you need some extra space you can just roll it away.

Step 4: Paper Pencil

A little recycling can be to collect a bunch of empty toilet rolls, get a box and put them inside. This makes a perfect organizer for pencils or makeup brushes.

Step 5: Soda-pop Tab in Closet

Another closet one is to take a soda-pop tab and hang it onto your hanger, in this way you can hang more clothes on top of each other. You can also decide yourself how many pop tabs you can to hang on.

Step 6: The Biggest Ones Hanging

If you have big knitted sweaters or big hoodies, it is smart to hang these up, it will take a lot less space when hanging instead of laying folded in the drawer.

Step 7: High Bed

It is smart to get the highest bed on the store, then you can store a lot of thing underneath it. The best would be to have a bunk bed, but if you don't want that, are sure theres a little room underneath your bed to store random things in your room that don't have to be on display.

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