PREVIEW! SPAS 12 With Working Pump and Fold-able Stock

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Whats up guys, Ben the builder here with one of my finest, a fully functional spas 12! : D i'ts been a while since I've posted ibles, but, this is my latest and quite possibly greatest instructable I could have possibly ever build or could possibly ever build!
this particular 'ible is requested a lot simply because the gun was hard to make with a working pump.
I've made it, not perfected it, but, it is still an awesome gun to me.

the run down:
-has a working pump
-fold-able stock
-true trigger (although its rather ugly : ( )
-range is between 25 and 30 feet simply because the amount of room the firing pin needs to move
-comfortable, but a tad long for my liking

-range is rather horrible
-sometimes the rounds fall out of the barrel because it's not very wide
-broken rods... broken rods everywhere!? D':
-the yellow rods at the rear make it look a bit funny : (
-the handle has a little bit of a wiggle to it : 3
-and finally the fold-able stock isn't very strong, but, it does the job : D

i hope you guys enjoy these little snippits, i'll be leaving this gun built for about a week for a new idea i have thanks to my beloved borderlands 2 : D
thanks for giving it a look ^_^ 
ben the builder. over and out



i have a few credits to go out:
to grimmjowking and black shadow 12 for a guide ( i guess you could say ) to making the pump
an thank you dr richtofen, your ible helped me shape my gun : D
you guys are awesome and id give you the most epic high fives ever... but apparently that breaks computer screens >.>

anywho, thanks guys for giving this gun a look, if you're smart enough to build inside your head you can look at my S-R PAS and get a rough idea as to how this works and make it from scratch with your own shaping and what-not : D have fun and build on <3



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    again im sorry to those who are awaiting instructions, i no longer have a working computer i can use to upload images to, and my laptop is very very out dated and doesnt have any driver compatability what so ever, if theres another way PLEASE let me know and i'll have it up via my phone


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    the mech is super simple, there's about 4 main pieces, the center of the gun (barrel, mag, trigger mech, and firing pin guide), then the pump, which pretty much slips over the top of that, then two outer plates to hold down the pump "arms" goes over the top, give me about an hour or so and i can have an ible up of the whole gun ^_^


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