Introduction: SPD MTB SHOES

This whole thing came about as I picked up a pair of Shimano SPD pedals from the thrift store for five bucks I've always used clip pedals for the most part because I could not afford a pair of lightweight shoes I've adapted these lightweight track shoes which I bought at Ross for less than $20 and was able to utilize Materials that best suited my application to attach the cleats to
This is my first instructable done on a mobile device and for that matter ,ever. maybe my last because it was a quite a bit frustrating trying to talk into the microphone dictating from Siri- I frustrated myself with editing along with had some fun along the way
enjoy my frustrations

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Step 1: Get Shoe

Find yourself a comfortable shoe that you want to use for your bike shoe
In my case I found a pair of track shoes which are Nike Rivals

Step 2: Get the Pedals and Cleats

Of course you could modify this to be used with any variation of bicycle clips I just happen to use Shimono mountain bike SPDs
My model was Shimano M535

Step 3: Your Base Plate

You will need a sufficient base plate for the inside of your sole the thinner metal that you find the better Comfort you will have
I found a slotted metal spatula at the dollar store that looked sufficient in the spacing of the slots to the spacing needed for the mounting screws
Ideally if you couldn't do this without having to weld nuts to your base plate if you grab something thicker you will lose any comfort in your shoe because the thicker the metal you may have to remove some of the soul remember you want these shoes to be somewhat tight around your metatarsal
I will also note that I could not take out the inner sole pad of my shoe so luckily the base plate was thin enough and I will just have to wear socks or put some kind of tape over it

Step 4: Positioning

Positioning of the cleat is important to getting the proper placement of your foot
Keep note of where you put your feet on your petals and how you paddle as far as the angle that your foot faces when you're peddling
Of course I mounted the cleat loosely to notate where I would drill small holes to pilot the bigger drill size for the bore diameter of the nut to protrude into the outside of the bottom of the shoe that my foot would be wearing connected to the pedal that would turn the crank shaft that moves the chain through the gears around the sprocket of the wheel that moves the bike - lol
Make sure you also have some front clearance for the cleat to slide into the pedal slot as my shoes had some aggressive tread patterns that I had to grind down
I would almost want to say at this point if you don't understand the dynamics of cycling you probably don't want to do this at all

Step 5: Begin Fabrication

I was only able to find one spatula and so I was able to cut it in half to make the base plates that of which I welded the correct nuts to so that I could screw the cleat in from the outside pulling the base plate down and clamping into the shoe holding it firmly in place
It is key to have proper clamping pressure and firm holding because the dynamics of the pedal you have to pull it to the side in order to release your foot

Step 6: Finalize

I really didn't draw out steps in order to make this that was basically just a thought to post on the instructables what you have is a base plate with screws mounted in from the outside with nuts welded to it so that I can clampdown use whatever materials you have that are available You might even be able to find something thicker that you may be able to use a tap and die and make your own thread

Step 7: Done

My apologies for the crappy instructable it is the first time I've done this and I was using the app on the iPhone
Siri is a pain in the ass to try to do dictate instruction for me
And then having to go back and understand what exactly I was trying to say and edit what was actually posted. needless to say when I'm talking into Siri I usually do it with my eyes close so I can think about what it is I am saying and say it slowly if you heard me you would understand that I speak fairly clearly but I do have a monotone voice which I think Siri does not understand
I think the pictures alone give you a pretty good idea what I did

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