Introduction: SPEAR HEAD FROM a $2 BBQ TOOLS

Bought them in secondhand shop for $2

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Step 1: Important!!!


1.try them for a good, thick stainless steel(usualy written on steel near handle)

2.check them for low bendability and springiness(if there are such words ;))..

3.the metal should be all the way pass the handle(tonque through)

remove wooden handles by drilling out the rivets, holes from rivets are good for extra rope loops later

if tool have anything on its back(mine have bottle opener) which is wider than a middle part - keep it, once head roped onto a stick, it will prevent head from coming out.

Step 2: Front End

using power grinder/dremel tool cut the shapes you want.

the left one was easy to make from a BBQ fork.

on the right - the BBQ spatula(gently flatened by hammer).

Step 3: Back End

make sure to sharpen tails like a chisel or "V", that will help to mount spear head into a stick.
mark with texter positions of the holes in metal on its side.

make a cut on on end of a stick, make sure not to split wood too much.

tie a rope on that end(lightly).

insert spear head into the cut and by tapping on a stick's other end watch it go further into stick.

thats where previously tied rope helps against wood spliting.

using marks on steel drill holes through stick correspondingly.

tie rope around stick, threading through the holes for an extra strength.

Step 4: P.S.

keep it out of reach of children or in that matter anyone..

..especially if you on a bad terms with you spose.. ;))

happy playing :)

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