SPY HACK ! Mini-hiding Place Made Out of a Pencil

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In this video I'm going to show you a wonderful idea of making a secret place in a graphite wooden pencil with my own hands at home!

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Step 1: Hand Made Spy Pencil May Be Used for Keeping of the Important Passwords, Passage of Secret Messages to Your Friends.

Also this hand made wooden spy pencil may help you at the exams or during important tests, as you may hide a mini-crib there!

Step 2: Spy Hiding Place Manufacture Out of a Wooden Pencil Won't Be a Complicated Procedure!

Any of you would be able to make a spy hiding place with a wooden pencil with your own hands at home!

I'm convinced that none of your friends or mates would assume that your graphite wooden pencil contains important passwords! So that' s the small hand craft, which is easy to manufacture, however is very useful itself!



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    Neat idea, but suggesting this as a way to hide cheat notes is not very cool.