SPY Worthy Spot

Introduction: SPY Worthy Spot

So this is my first time posting an indestructible, not sure why this contest prompted me to but it is what it is.  take it for what it is worth, this spot is mom, cop, robber, even brother proof. it is simple and quick to make.  Easy to access and can work even if in unfamiliar places (hotel rooms).  

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Step 1: Gathering Supplies

you will need: 1- two lengths or twine (dental floss even better)  48 inches long
                          2-razor blade or steel washer
                          3-ziplock baggie
                          4-magnet (i prefer the rare earth magnets with at least 1lb of pull)
                          5-whatever you want to stash/hide ($1 in my case)
                          6-the actual room you will be stashing in.

Step 2:

so you take your stash ($1 in my case, im broke what do you expect) and place it in the baggie.  
easy right?

Step 3:

now tie one end of the first piece of twine to the bag (be sure your knot will hold, basically gone forever if your knot fails)
Tie the other end to the razor blade/washer

Step 4:

here is the secret part...no matter where you are chances are that there is a light switch.....I know everybody hides things behind the switch cover plate, but wait that's not where you are going to hide it.  Take the cover plate off and look.  pry the edge of the plastic/metal box (one side usually attached to a stud and the other side is free, you want the free side) with something (i used a scribe) now take your bag and drop it in the opening between the wall and box.  The whole contraption bag/string/blade.  you will hear it fall to the bottom of the wall, behind the wall.  

Step 5:

seems like you lost it.....short of tearing down your house, it is lost.  But being lost also means others cant find it, cops included.
the trick is......
take your magnet attach it to the other piece of twine.  now drop the magnet where you dropped the bag. 
when the magnet hits the bottom just swing it side to side untill you feel a click and the  magnet "sticks" to the blade

Step 6:

just pull the magnet back up and now you are holding the twine attached to your stash..just pull it up and do what you please with it.  the purpose of using the twine on the bag instead of putting something metal in the bag is simple. weight.  You can load whatever u want in the bag (as long as it can fit in the pried opening) and you won't need a stronger magnet.
hope this helps somebody...i know it has saved my ass on many occasions..
HERE IS MY HOLIDAY GIFT TO ALL: people, FOR GODS SAKE when you get stopped by the police (for any infraction), they will ultimately ask you if they can look (they say look/peek they MEAN SEARCH) in your car (80% of felony arrests are from minor traffic violations; speeding, out head/tail/brake/blinker lights, expired registration) DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY SEARCH.....they will say why ,"do you have something to hide?" your reply should be..."I  BELIEVE IN MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO PRIVACY , I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT I DID ANYTHING THAT WARRANTS A SEARCH, I'M SORRY BUT I DO NOT CONSENT TO A SEARCH." that phrase stops them dead in there tracks (most of the time.If you do get searched anyways, don't say a word and there is i high ( pun intended) chance your lawyer can get any evidence they found thrown out and your charges dismissed, 

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    6 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Cops will still find it, so don't get too confident with it. Alot of (less law abiding) people undo the screws/nails holding the box on and throw things in the stud cavity. The police know this, and pull them off during a warranted search.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    cops, maybe, but also routinely look for a piece of string hanging on the edge. I have 36 outlets/switches in my house, would take a few days to rip out and inspect.. usually they run a k9 through , but remember dogs rarely hit on high objects....but nosy moms, siblings, roommates, and hotel staff are less likely


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    If the cops think you are a drug dealer, gem thief or something else high profile enough for them to look really hard they will get high tech equipment like portable e-rays and ground penetrating radar to see if you buried anything. So if it is anything deep enough for the cops to get help from the feds you are pretty much helpless to hid anything from them in your house once they suspect you. Regardless that is still a very good hiding spot for hiding small objects as the two main questions to always ask are: "What are you trying to hide?" and "Why are you trying to hid it from?". So I would say if you are trying to hide it from your parents and brothers it is a very good spot assuming that they do no know about and read this and know it was you that wrote it. When it comes to friends, staff and thieves both casual and professional buglers I'd say this is an excellent hiding spot and quite honestly one of the best ones that I've seen on this site.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hard to drop the magnet down when you have metal boxes for the switch. Better check before you commit.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    you can get a magnet that has a "cover" that is non-magnetic, they are used in auto repair amongst other things...a couple of dollars at auto zone..