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My Date of birth: 12/02/1989

     Hi Instructables my name is Chico Weber and I am the founder of SQUARE FRUIT. I started SQUARE FRUIT to give people energy independence. We have accumulated over 8 years of research and development to prove that it’s possible. Our philosophy is and always has been that it’s great to have a successful business, but real success is found in improving the quality of life of as many people as possible.

     The LOTUS is SQUARE FRUIT’s pilot project for a series of mobile on-site renewable energy generators or MOREGs. In principle the LOTUS is a complete wind energy system that uses a vertical axis wind turbine as the power source. Unlike conventional wind turbines, the LOTUS is designed to work virtually anywhere. Individuals will have the option of adding base attachments to their LOTUS including a solid ground (one in the video), rooftop, water, ice, tower, and armored version. We already have an award winning business plan as well as access to the Southwest Advanced Manufacturing Center here in Edwardsville Illinois. SQUARE FRUIT is now ready to begin construction of the LOTUS. We are also in the process of patenting the LOTUS as well as unique subsystems that truly make it cutting edge.
This is where Instructables comes in. The grand prize of $25,000 will be used to purchase the necessary materials for the first LOTUS including the elements of the body, rotor, and electronic components. Because of the unique design of the LOTUS, we will require a thermoforming table. Most tables retail for more than the grand prize and so we will be constructing a custom table that will be able to handle the larger dimensions of the body panels. We will also be using our own custom axial-flux permanent magnet alternators for a higher level of energy generation without the retail markup. The materials and equipment needed have been factored into the initial cost. We want to ensure absolute success with the LOTUS so we have laid out an extensive timeline for testing and subsystem completion dates.

     The first constructed LOTUS will be tested and certified as safe for use before leasing or selling to a user. The promotion of the LOTUS is key, so what better way to promote it than to put it to use and prove how effective it is. After the initial launch of the LOTUS we will sell LOTUS’ and other products on our website. Initially each LOTUS will be sold on a make to order basis until we reach the capacity to mass produce LOTUS’. Advertising will be carried out through our website as well as green technology conventions where the LOTUS can be displayed to potential customers that are interested in our technology.  

     We even have a distribution plan to ensure that we can give them to developing countries effectively. We have also performed extensive market research on both small and large scale wind turbines to ensure the LOTUS launches competitively.

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