SR-V1 Mods+ No More Exotic Pieces





Introduction: SR-V1 Mods+ No More Exotic Pieces

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Hello you have built the SR-V1 by now I hope. So I made mods for it. Thanks to dsman1 for the exotic piece mod. I have also included how to put rubberbands on which will work for this version and the origanal. So without further ado here are the SR-V1 mods.

Step 1: New Stock

This should be pretty easy. Also if you dont have bendy rods, the origanal stock will work.

Step 2: Handle

Really easy you only need to change 2 pieces.

Step 3: Body + Sights

The hardest part.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Just combine.

Step 5: Load and Fire

Easy really



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    Looks pretty good but it's a bit fat lol you could remove the middle segment if there is no stock

    I just want to say that I think its is very is just the body with 2 arms at the front...

    The trigger mechanism is the sr-v1 in this little one not the sr-v2.

    I made the sr-v2 the trigger mechanism is really good i haven't seen how far it can shoot but i wouldn't doubt the 500 ft.

    i like, but probably still dont have enough yellows lol

    I like the shape of the stock. I do have to ask, though, is it at all flimsy? Killerk's design is substantial, but isn't comfortable. Is yours as strong?

    4 replies

    It isnt as strong as killerks but it wont break unless you push into it really hard. So Any more questions?

    thanks for replying, I like this and my friend made it. How much would it cost to buy these pieces and in which sets?

    so in wal-mart u can get boxes of individual pieces? so u can buy like 400 of each piece? damn..

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