SR Commado V1

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This is my newest knex sniper rifle. It is a cross between my AR-4 commando v2 and my Longbow v2.

The best thing about this gun is that it sports a new sear system trigger which is very reliable. It is also very long and looks great.

PROS- sear system trigger
- never jams or misfires
- has a sight
- looks awesome
- good range (30-50 feet)
- easy to use

CONS- a bit skeletony
- Uses a lot of parts

Version history1.0- the prototype was an excellent one.
1.1- Shortened the stock butt and modded the scope
1.2- added grip and fake barrel
1.3- made the gun less skeletony and modded bipod

Lets get started!

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Step 1: Stock

This is a super modded stock from the AR-4 v2. It has elements from the longbow v2 as well.

Picture 1- build the stock butt
Picture 2- build the middle part
Picture 3- Top of the stock
Picture 4- attach butt to stock

Step 2: Handle

This is the handle that houses the new trigger. It is a modded Longbow handle.

1. The overview handle
2. trigger and ratchet
3. connect to stock

Step 3: Add Scope (optional)

This is where you add the scope to the handle and stock

1. the scope
2. connect

Step 4: Barrel Part 1

This is the back barrel. sry for the pics.

Step 5: Barrel Part 2

Picture 1-3: tan lock barrel
Picture 4- fake barrel
Picture 5- connect

Step 6: Barrel Part 3

Picture 1- connect tan lock barrel to lower barrel
Picture 2- front view
Picture 3- make this part
Picture 4- firing pin
Picture 5- add firing pin

Step 7: Bipod (optional)

this is an optional bipod.

Picture 1- overview
Picture 2- close up on the foot
Picture 3- connect bipod

Partial credit goes to Dutchj for this part.

Step 8: Final Assembly

Connect barrel to handle.

Picture 1- the 2 parts
Picture 2- combine

Congrats! You have built your own SR Commando. Enjoy!

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    they are both old, and long gone. The new one was just filled up with connectors on the front.