Introduction: SRSS-501v3

After Jollex made a comment on the last version, I agreed with him and decided to modify my gun some more to make it look better. Here's version 3, tell me what you think.



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    I had an idea for a pseudo-semi auto sniper that had a similar barrel-folds-up design, but the entire upper receiver folded up, as opposed to just the barrel. This allowed the gun to look better, as it hid the cog and the bands. Does this gun shoot bands or actual "bullets"?

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    It shoots "bullets", look at picture 4 where I'm pulling one out of the storage compartment.

    Thanks, I added more to it and I'll have a pic up tomorrow. And yes I'll definitely be posting it, modding seemed to help looks, power, and range. I know the trigger will take 5 bands, I have four on it right now and it's very powerfull.

    not as many as the one i have at home.... about 700 pieces and i dont even have a stock on it yet lol