S.S Orca ( Cardboard Boat)

Introduction: S.S Orca ( Cardboard Boat)

Hi, I'm Morgan I'm going to show you how I made this cardboard boat with three simple materials keep reading for more! Happy reading

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Step 1: Preparing

  • The first thing to do before you start is preparing there are three main materials but youĺl need a lot of them
  • The first martial is obvious, cardboard. You’ll need plenty and here ’s a hint no small boxes! Small boxes can be a help with the smaller details but to really help this boat you’ll need two to three large boxes. Many of the boxes I got were from Amazon but the one that really put everything together were the boxes I took from IKEA
  • The second most important material is duct tape. I did make this project with mostly cheaper materials and little money was spent. I initially bought 11 rolls of black tape from the dollar store that were 15 yards long and was “2X” strength. Of course, after starting the taping I needed to run to the store again and ended up buying 3 or 4 larger rolls of regular tape but were about 30 -45 yards long. Besides all the black tape and getting asked by the cashier who I was planning to kidnap, I bought 1 large roll of white tape, 1 roll of clear tape, a roll of blue duct tape, and finally 3 or 4 rolls of simple gray duct tape. No wonder it looked like a planned kidnap.
  • The third material was the wood glue and this wasn't really used much. Besides the glue, you’ll need scissors and or a xacto knife,

Step 2: Covering the Edges

  • Besides having all of your material another thing you’ll need is patience. This was hard for me since I’m not a very patient person.
  • I next got a large Amazon box and I covered the edges and seams in duct tape. This was a long but at the same time a helpful process.

Step 3: Making the Front

The next step was making a triangle piece for the front. This will help with pushing the water out of the way when paddling

This is sort of difficult to describe because what I had done was gotten half a box and held/ taped/glued it to where it would be a taped closed box but half of it was missing. I later taped it onto one end of the boat creating a strong bond.

Step 4: Air

  • Next Step was to help with adding more air into the boat. I know what you’re thinking just stay with me.
  • I had decided to get a bookshelf and the box was about up to my chin ( I’m 5,5)
  • I had cut the box it came into for these boards (in the picture) I had cut each piece 22inches long and 2 ½ inches wide. At first, my plan was to cut many of these and tape them standing then put another layer of cardboard. After cutting the 6th one I had given up and went to plan B
  • Plan B was to make small rectangles and tape them to the bottom. I taped the seam between the middle of both pieces and then shaped it into a small rectangle. Afterward, I tape them onto the boat front, middle, and back and taped all on both ends and their middle.

Step 5: Layering

  • Step 1,000 not it's not that it just feels like it again patience is key!
  • I went to IKEA and took this giant cardboard box and cut it open to it full length. I then put the box taped and everything on top of the flattened box. I put the box at the end of the box where it was at a folded side.
  • I had traced where the tip had hovered over the foldable end and lightly cut it so it could cover the tip of the boat and taped it together as a “mold”

Step 6: Coverage

  • After taping the tips mold I taped the boat tip into it mold to hold it in place and not move as I covered the rest of the boat. Also at this point, I’ve probably used about 6 rolls of tape.
  • To cover the boat I just folded the excess cardboard over the boat and taped it to the inside. The next thing was to start the taping!!!
  • This was a long process after I had glued the excess cardboard I started the process of covering the whole boat in tape. I started by taping from the sides bottom to over the top. I left the whole bottom of the boat along until all sides were covered in tape. Later I taped the whole bottom layering the tape from the edges so no leakage was

Step 7: More Layering

  • Next step was to over the sides of the inside I covered the sides strip by strip. I then covered the open ends on the bottom with 2-3 layers each to prevent leakage. At this time I’ve used close to 20 rolls of black duct tape.

Step 8: Shark


  • Next, you want to choose a theme this theme is Jaws or you could say shark attack…
  • I put one gray duct tape on the tip of my boat and make it go down from the tip of the boat to the bottom on both sides.
  • Then with some leftover cardboard that's about 1½ inches wide, I put white duct tape on front and back then cut them into rectangles and glued them along the grey edge. Making shark teeth.
  • Then for eyes, because it probably looks very odd without eyes… so I cut a small circle out of cardboard and covered it in blue tape afterward I cut out a smaller circle of black tape and placed it on top of the blue circle gluing them onto the gray tape on both sides for eyes.

Step 9: Costume

  • I had decided to make a Jaw themed shirt by drawing out a reference photo and drawing it on a shirt with multiple shades of blue sharpie
  • after I had finished drawing the shark onto the first I submerged the shirt and ringed it out to get any excess coloring out and let it draw overnight.

Step 10: Calculations


So the last question is does this thing actually work? The total weight of the boat with me in it would be 58.76 kg (350lbs) Length = 1.2 meters (4ft) Width = .61 meters (2ft) Height = .45 meters (1.5ft) Making the total volume .33 m3 By dividing 158.76 by .33 you get 481.09 Diving that by 1000 you get .48 kg/m3 as a density meaning the boat should float

Step 11: Testing

6-6-18 Day of testing the boat watch video for results.

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    1 year ago

    Well done! I like the shark with teeth part, that's a great touch!