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Introduction: S.S. Save Wheezy

Wheezy is in trouble! Evil walruses from the South Pole have kidnapped Wheezy and it is up to you to go rescue him. Build the S.S. Save Wheezy and get him back.

List of Materials:

The Lego brick box

S.S. Save Wheezy Team Bio:

Alexander William Keeling
Test Administrator and Data Analysis
Alex is a third year chemical engineering student at Syracuse University. Alex is currently the treasurer and an active member of the Syracuse Breakdance and Freestyle Club. Alex also works under Professor Becky Bader at the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute doing research on diffusion across gels. Following graduation from Syracuse University, Alex hopes to attend graduate school for chemical engineering. Alex's interests outside of engineering include pop punk, weight lifting, and short story writing.

David Thomas Mejia
Data Logger
David is from the Bronx, New York.  A senior at Syracuse University, he is currently pursuing a B.S Information Management and Technology. After graduation, David will be joining the ARMY reserve. David plans on obtaining a certificate of advance studies in information security after his duties with the ARMY are done. David hopes to one-day work for the federal government as an information security specialist.

Michael Robert Ojugbeli
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A Syracuse native and senior at Syracuse University, Mike is studying Entrepreneurship in the Whitman School of Business. After graduating in May of 2012 Mike hopes to continue his education by attending law school.

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Step 1: Sub-Assembly 1: the Base

For the first Sub-Assembly, we will be using the pieces show in the first picture.

Be sure to take note of the below boxes on images for detailed step description.

Step 1 involves construction the base of the boat. As shown in Picture #1, this consists of three green 2x4 blocks, two green 1x4 pieces, two green 2x1 beaks, 1 2x2 green beak, a large green platform piece, two 2x4 blue pieces, two 2x3 blue pieces, two 2x2 blue pieces, two 2x1 pieces, two blue short beaks, and 2 long blue beaks.

1. Picture #5 shows the orientation of the different beak pieces on the green platform.
2. Place the beaks on the platform as show in picture 6.
3. Following that, attach the two 2x4 blue pieces, the two 2x3 pieces, the two 2x2 blue pieces, and the 2x1 blue pieces. The beginning of each piece should touch the end of the next piece.
3. Once constructed, flip the pieces over so the bottom of the blue pieces is touching the table. Attach one of the green 2x4 pieces horizontally to the end of the platform with the short blue beaks. Then attach the other 2x4 green pieces next to that block vertically.
4. At the other end of the boat, attach to 2x1 green beaks on their side of the very end with the 2x2 green beak in between.
5. The last two pieces, the 4x1 green pieces should be attached between the 2x1 green beaks so that they form a line.

Continue to the next step.

Step 2: Sub-Assembly 2: Smoke-Stack

The following directions are for building the smoke stack sub-assembly.

The pieces shown in Picture #1 are eight 2x2 black pieces, two 2x2 white pieces, and one 2x4 white blocks.

1. The black pieces should be stacked on top of each other to form a column.
2. The smoke should be made by stacking the white blocks on top of the each other in a staggered fashion as shown in Picture #3.
3. When made, place the first white block of the smoke on top of the column.

Continue to the next step.

Step 3: Sub-Assembly 3: Engine

The following steps will build the engine sub-assembly phase.

To construct the engine, you need two 4x1 yellow blocks, two 4x1 black blocks, two 2x1 green blocks, two 4x2 yellow blocks and one 2x2 beak.

1. Picture #2 shows the starting orientation of the blocks. The two 4x1 blocks should be parallel to each other with the yellow beak in the middle of the two ends.
2. To connect them, place a 4x2 yellow block on top of the end with the beak in the middle as shown in Pictures #3 and #4.
3. On the opposite end of the 4x1 blocks, a 4x2 yellow block should be placed next to the end.
4. To connect this block to the rest of the assembly, the two 4x1 black blocks should be placed on top of the two ends of the second 4x2 block and on top of the two 4x2 yellow blocks as shown in the Pictures #5 and #6.

Continue to the next step.

Step 4: Sub-Assembly 4: Wheezy

The following steps for creating Wheezy, the Toy Story penguin.

To start, you will need two 3x1 yellow beaks, two 2x2 black beaks, three 2x2 white blocks, one 2x2 black block, two 2x1 black blocks, two 3x2 black platforms, one 2x2 black platform, and two white eye blocks.

1. Take the two 3x2 black platforms and place them on top of each other staggered by one row as shown in Picture #1.
2. Separately, stack three 2x2 white blocks on top of each other to form a column. Again, separately, place the black beak on top of the 2x2 black block shown in Picture #3.
3. Then place the 2x1 black block on top of the black beak.
4. Place the white column in the middle of staggered platform from Picture #1 and attach the assembly from Picture #3 on the 2x1 area of the upper platform.
5. Place the two yellow beaks on the end of the top white block so that it extends past the bottom black platform.
6. Place the second black beak on top of the white column and third assembly so that the back of the black beak touches the back of the yellow beaks.
7. Place the two eye blocks on top of the yellow blocks so that eyes are on the side of the penguin. Attach the 2x1 black piece on the other side of the eyes and place the final black platform on to create a head.

Continue to the next step.

Step 5: Sub-Assembly 5: Cargo Area

The follow steps will create the cargo area, of which Wheezy rests.

To build, you will need, two 4x1 green blocks, two 4x1 red blocks, two 4x1 red arches, two 1x1 red blocks, three 2x1 red blocks, one 4x2 block, and two 8x2 red blocks.

1. To start, place the two green 4x1 blocks on top of the two 4x1 red blocks separately and stack the two 2x1 red blocks on top of each other. Pictures #1 and #2 show how to stack and orient the blocks.
2. Connect the three pieces with the red 4x2 block so that only a 2x1 section of the green blocks is exposed when looking from the top.
3. Using this exposed area, place the two red arches so that the arches go over the open area as shown in Picture #5.
4. On the back of the 4x2 block, place the 1x1 red pieces on the back corners with a 2x1 piece in between as shown in Picture #6 and #7.
5. Finally the place the 8x2 pieces parallel on top of the structure so that there is a 5x4 overhang as shown in Picture #8.

Continue to the final step.

Step 6: Conclusion: Splash Time

After completing the following you will be ready to play with your very own S.S. Save Wheezy!

The last step puts all of the assemblies together.

1. First, attach the engine on the end of the boat with the long blue beak pieces. The yellow beak of the engine should be the only part that overhangs.
2. The rest should be flush with the boat platform. The black and green pieces should be in the middle part of the boat.
3. Then place the back of the boat with the cargo platform. The top overhanging section of the cargo area should be flush with and connect to the 2x1 green blocks on the engine.
4. The smoke stack should fit inside the 2x2 area of the middle of the engine.
5. Attach Wheezy to the back of the boat.

Now your all set to play with your very own S.S. Save Wheezy! Enjoy!

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