SSTC Tesla Coil Assemble Instruction

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Intro: SSTC Tesla Coil Assemble Instruction

Logic chase frequency solid Tesla Coil - this TC uses a logic chase circuit to drive the full bridge work, simple installation of finished products, debugging has been completed. Direct power operation (recommended using auto voltage regulator). With arc extinguishing circuit can produce beautiful arc or music arc.

Step 1: Metal Top

need put a Metal strip With tip

Step 2: Ground Wire

this is very important,the wire need connect to ground

Ensure good grounding
Windows, fittings in the box is not the ground wire Fire pipes or heating pipes are needed to make sure they are connected directly to the earth, This is very important

Step 3: Music Board

1.Mode switch button can only be switched when there is no electricity (otherwise damaged) need use square wave Music or midi music

in the intro we offer some test music



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