STARGATE SG1 Props for Pulp's Toys Shop at Paris


Introduction: STARGATE SG1 Props for Pulp's Toys Shop at Paris

About: i'm a French association we make decors, costumes, accessories and makes performances in costumes mascot To follow our manufacturings of costumes, accessories and performances going on my page FB: http...

Manufacturing of the prototype of STAGATE SG1

Realization of a 3D model of the shop for a picture of the depiction finished shop + STARGATE with shop window

Installation of a door of the stars of the series Stargate in the store " PULP'S TOYS " 9 rue Dante Paris



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    As a big fan of all things Stargate, this is amazing to me! Please write step-by-step instructions for this.

    Beautiful craftsmanship! You went all the way with it!

    Oh, you have *got* to write a proper step-by-step instructable for this, it's awesome!

    PM me if you need help.

    2 replies

    This 'ible has a really good chance of getting deserves the proper step-by-step treatment....!

    Stunningly fantastic work! My favorite bit is the floor color transition!