Introduction: STEAM PUNKIN

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Looking to make yourself a ghoulish pumpkin, Hey why not go steam punk. in this I will show you step by step on how I came up with The STEAM PUNKIN  

Step 1: Pick a Victim

This is whats the fun about coming up with your pumpkin going to your local super market or Home Depot and picking one out, This year I decided on one that was slightly more typical  

Step 2: Making a Plate

This is a simple yet difficult step making a plate for your pumpkin. DANGER WEAR GLOVES using sheet metal shears and a cut off wheel cut out the basic shape of your patch the tricky part is to bend the metal into shape, Giving the metal a crown so it will fit the side of the pumpkin with little to no problem. So try to get the thinnest sheet you can get. 


Dont forget take your time and drill small holes all along the boarder of you plate

Step 4: Stitch It to Life

When carving your creation hold on to some of the guts it becomes very useful it filling in gaps. Open a hole in the side of your pumpkin and start stitching in the plate giving your creation life. Using baling wire what is strong yet very easy to bend as the stitching.Give it the extra ghoulish effect I would take some of the pumpkin guts and stuff it in all the cracks

Step 5: Special Effects

This is not your grand mothers candle. What you need is an ULTRA SONIC WATER FOGGER . With the combination of fog and led it will make it really come to life. I found mine in a local party supply store. The great part! it only uses water to make fog, which is great to keep it safe this Halloween. The down side if your like me, Pumpkin Carving contest judges tend to frown on pumpkins being powered by a car battery.

Step 6: Happy Halloween

This is how you have your basic Jack-o-Lantern and make it A Steam-Punkin. Follow me and see what creation I do next

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    That's a very cyborg looking pumpkin!
    There are steampunkins on etsy as well: