This is my second Steam Punk / Diesel  project.
my Steam Punk Shrink Ray, which was my first project.   Will end up on top of this on display.

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Step 1: Steampunk Time Machine

The basic box to start this was a wooden bread box from the local good will for $5
The cooper wire was a home depot $6
The screws and rivets and tiny brass fittings etc were in my junk boxes.
The cool rad was out of a computer  or xbox I found in the trash.
The amp meter was in my junk box.

Step 2:

The old bomber or airplane compass was found at a thrift store for ten bucks, glass was cracked and no fluid.
Fixed it by cutting new lens from cd case but was to thin and leaked when i put the front plate back on, so I  got some fast drying flex sealer (clear) and glued down the lens on top of the old cork gasket, then it still leaked so the final step was an old piece of hobby airplane air line soft and just thick enough to go on top of the glass and under the face plate to put pressure on the lens and seal when it was tightened to keep it from leaking, drill a hole in the back plate refilled with rubbing alcohol and put in a rubber stopper plug thinging from my junk box.. no more leaks...

Step 3:

The copper pipe was in my junk box as well as the old brass key.
Sawed a 45 auto shell for a key holder and drilled a hole and walla a keyed socket..
The dial was odd an old radio stereo and just screwed in a snap screw thingy and snapped a button snap on top of it and glued the rotary dial on , walla a dial that turns for ever lol.
Toggle switch was in my junk box as well.
The month selector plate was a stamp kit from the dollar store and the stamps were stuck to the months so I just took off the stamps and used the backing plastic with the months in black and sprayed the back of it, then drilled holes and used snips to cut off ball ends on rivets and stuck the aluminum shafts in to look like a month peg board to time travel to a specific month.
The brass oil pump can was left over from my ray gun project and it was purchased at a yard sale for $1 because it leaked..
Anything else that I may have missed was in my junk box.
The candle snuffer will go on the side like a slot machine handle to activate the time machine, Lol.
Not sure if I will and anything else to the other side or top yet, but it will be painted to match the the front.
Feed back of any kind is welcomed as I'm new to this crazy steam punk addictive hobby now Lol..
I will update the final pictures as soon as I'm done it. Just looking for any ideas if I should add anything or change anything.
Thanks and hope you all enjoy my crazy creations.

Step 4: Steam Punk Time Machine

Face plate complete so far, next step will be to paint the rest of the box in and outter and add the side brass candle snuffer for my handle to the past or future. And add maybe a few extras to the left side of the box and a few ray gun holders on the top to hold my ray gun..

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    Even though it's pronounced wah-lah, it's spelled very differently, as it's French.

    Cool project otherwise!