Introduction: STM32: RGB Full Color With DIGITALWIRE for LIQUID BAR Cabinet LIGHT

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Its the device for coloring my liquidbar with the full color spectrum wits digital one digital wire for every LED (its a high power 3watt RGB LED .. (cheap.. 10pcs 4,4euro.. build in more if china chipping rises.. ) (all leds using my self developed fadingprogramm (have also some other funktions) step3 )

more parts information step2 (if i see that its not possible to see more than one stepp, i putt alls steps in part 1 ..)

watch my other STM projects on Google+ vaping &STM32 collection (submit them here if i have the time..(OLED and colorlcd working ..). ..

its for coloring the Liiquidbarposter from backgound.. (don't know of 70MB png file working on instructables.. if not here 123megapixel png prom the sign i have made on my deviantart account (click in the picture for zooming or download it)) ,

Step 1: The Ciruit

The Circuit 8000x5558pixel PNG file on deviantart (click in the picture for zooming or download it)

no have not removed the fritzing logo^^ but have not found my board in fritzing.. (so just create a vector grafic.. (not linket in fritzing currently just optical.. the code for my STM32F103C8T6 minimum systemboard layout:

(have used the LCDd font, if you not have this it the I/O description is not in correct size)

The device lights up the liquid bar with 6Watt White LED Powers (its fading slow up if door open and down if door closed but the fading speet is never the same, and changing durring fading), but the white high power leds are also parts of the verry big random programm) , charging my vaping devices with 5 high power USB ports, and is portable so i do work without powerplug from ATX 5V ssource STM32F103 minimum systemboard inside.. (much cheaper than arduino! 2,26 euro the full board) controling 5x BD135 transistors... they switching 1Ampere.. watch the my psychedelic step)

The LED have no resistors, just 1A siliciumn diods.. (they are cheap, one losses enough.. messured maximum current is ~340mAh , red need 2 diods causel lower driving voltage.. the rest from the 5V heating up the transistors.. (they are vonectet to the stm32 pins with 68Ohm resistors.. TransistorTYP: BD135, but have ordert new ones: 50pcs 2Ampere BD237 for 3.6euro .. ) (every high power have a 1500yF 6.3V electrolyt condensator (the first duty cyclus idea running not so fast so have addet them for not flickers..) but now have mweda id faster.. the shortest puls needs 10 (microseconds.. (can set them faster, but there is no needing.. There are 5 ultra bright 5mm leds in front.. after messure the current think there is not a needing for a resistor.. (therye are also fading with some selfprogrammed knightrider run light.. and show me some status from variables.. little rainbow on front.. colorc: red, yellow,green,blue, UV(blacklight causet white paper arround poster) .. one led have 20.000mcd, red have more, the are glued in a line and i have changed the 5mm round led shape with my little Harddisc grinding device.. (watch photo) )

The Device should be portable.. so have addet 3 parralel switched Li-ion 2400mAh cells (charging modul (2 leds on fron left show charstatus) the switch in the mittdle power the device with Accu power, (working also if 5V 35A ATX power lplug is connected caused 3parralel n4001 1ampere diods to protect the dc/dc step up 1200mAh module .. they with dhis diods, the charging module is not running hot, causet its charging the accus with the 5V generated from them is Li-Ion power used.. (better should used other switch, but want a runing pwofgram withoud starting it new if remofe powerplug and uses Li-ion) Li-ion charged alsways if powwerplug connected, the 5 USB ports are always on.. (the data pins mus be bridget for charging inteligent devices light as my smartphone..(have seen a resistor to ground in some devices but there is no needing) )

There is a stabel 5V to 3.3 V converter.. to power the STM32 (with 800mAh permanent and higher short current..) caused a 6.3V 3300yF capacitor on the 3.3V wire (if the deivce running with Li-ion and the 5V 1,2A converter musst power all 9W led (could happend) the 5V breaks down.. so have addet this coused the STM32 must run stable..)

there 5 Tasters in front to controll some variables (thetime speed of the random functions, do adjust the LDR analog input, etc..) have messuret 70kOhm on the dart LDS and <-0.05 if bright light.. so set a 250K adjustable resistor to ground.. )


Step 2: The Programm

The Liquidbar_in_progress.txt is the latest programm from video.. currently runnint with lotc of changing controlled randoms, shanging other randioms using arrays, that changins other randomt.. every random with diffrent dimes, ... (have worked a long time on it) finaly the never ending randoms setz one variable for downfading and one for upfading and one fadingspeed and one upfadngspeed.. currently its all random is the door is not opener and the ldr stes the programm to party.. but need a better control for colors.. so have thing about it and write the rgb_with_digital_wire_to_not_truecolor_but_much.txt .. its splitting the hole rainbow in 905 steps.. (set the RGB Variable to number from 0 -905 to have every rannbowcolor you wand (its mixing the red, green and blue led bits different rrent duty cyles to have the color..)

there is also a light variable ( 0 = dark 150 = bright) to set the brightness (but there is not realy a needing)

have created this basic for later uses of microphone for beatdetection.. need this function


(beatdetection is awesome, have created one for AS3 .. psychedelic flashs are much better if they controling random with the music.. be carefull, its LOUD! maybe click the blue spark..) there are more FLASH projects, ,.. just watch gallery just write this, couse now you know why i like rainbowcolors..


currently writing the html/script code for sub page in my homepage for the Vaping /STM32 stuff.. my upload directory for pictures and Programms.. (better sort by date.. )..

Iam a (sometimes psychedelic) creativ furry.. maybe you should know also this, caused there are alsways my cats in my work..

Its just text, not a programm script, or somethink, so write this fast, i like little writing errors.. (bots don't made they) ..

.. @mywork yes its free, copy and use it or parts if you want.. just working for fun and cuteness, not for money!

CATS are AWESOME! =^.^=

|\__/,| (`[

.|^.^ |_ ) )


**miniudate have changed the digital write fading idea for final awesome working.. currently upgrading E v1.5 revision beta.. mmore power, better program, Upgrading E-V1.5 revison beta atomizer.. buit in better powersource 3.3V 800mAh for STM32 (coused OLED to dark , not enough vaping power, not enough volotaget switch the IRF mosfets fast.. no bright led..) better now also updating software.. full rainbow fading works nor.. and the duty puls tzime is down to 10microseconds/pulse (one dutycyclus 1500microseconds..) for 3Watt RGB high power led also.. thats fast.. build in new led.. (the old one red goes broken durring testing and fixing the new programm) now its a rainbowflashing of DOOM.. VIDEO (flashvideo) thats realy bright.. its not longer controled by random, .. the 3Watt led runs with little more than 3Wartt possibel caused not permanent on) full documentation when finished.. just a preview also have build this weekend a lot little thinks.. don't know if i find the time to documentate them all.. just watch;O=D my fast upload webspace folder.. sort by last date.. (uploading them for sharing in IRC) have fun.. (this devise needs a laser warning sign .. but casdesing comes later.. ) FLASH video on deviantart: its only a preview so not on youtube ..(used same led NPN transistors, etc. but in the device is no place for capacitors.. like in liquid bar)

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    Very nice idea! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!