STOOL BUILDING - a STEM Proficiency Tracker With Instructables

This is a "how-to" lesson. Today you will learn how to build a stool given a certain set of parts.

Step 1: These Are the Four Pieces in Your Stool Building Kit.

Step 2: This Shows the Underside of the Stool After Assembly

The first step is assembly is to assembly the leg base only. Set the top aside for now.

Step 3: Center One Side Against the 2x4 Middle Cross Piece

This is the first step of the assembly.

Step 4: Screw Together in This Way - Using 1 Inch Sheetrock Screws

Step 5: This Is Your First Assembled Piece.

Step 6: Attach Second Side of the Stool Base With Screws in the Same Fashion.

Test to make sure the base sits flat and does not rock or sit crooked. Pieces should be disassembled and re attached if that is the case. This makes for a safe and functional stool.

Step 7: Center the Top Onto the Base, and Screw Though the Top and Into a Side Piece.

There should be three screws on each side and two to three into the middle and into the 2x4.

Step 8: Paint Your Stool in Your Own Unique Fashion.



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    3 months ago

    Very good little project, thank you for sharing : )