STOP! Board Slipping While Glueing!

Introduction: STOP! Board Slipping While Glueing!

If you have ever used wood glue to glue up 2 pieces or more together. Than you know the struggle of your boards slipping and sliding around on you. It seems to be on the last little squeeze you put on with the clamp. You go from lined up to off. This can be frustrating beyond belief!!! So here is how you take care of it......

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Step 1: The Crazy Secret.....

Table salt.....

Step 2: Table Salt...

Yes! just a sprinkle of table salt! I know sounds ridiculous! put your wood glue on as you normally would. Then just sprinkle a little salt on the edge of the glue! then line up your pieces and clamp down! guess whats NOT slipping around on you now! So simple it feels like there should be something wrong! It has saved me a lot of trouble!

Step 3: Thanks for Checking This Out!

Thanks for taking the time to check this out and I hope it is helpful for you! If you liked this please vote for me! I would love a new drill but I would be grateful just to get a T-shirt! Thanks again!!!!

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    1 year ago

    Great tip! I notice some people keep a hot-glue gun on standby for the same reason. Apply the PVA as usual, but in a couple of spots leave a gap to add a dab of hot glue (direct wood to wood contact). And assemble. In seconds the hot glue grabs enough to keep it still, then the PVA goes off over time to make the bond strong!

    american graphitti
    american graphitti

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks! I will have to keep the hot glue gun in mind! Sometimes my wife catches me with the salt shaker and I lose it for awhile! LOL I appreciate the response! Have a great weekend!