[SUPER EASY!] Making Your Own Signage by 3D Printing




Introduction: [SUPER EASY!] Making Your Own Signage by 3D Printing

I'll introduce a super efficient way to make own signage.
It's super easy to make 3D model, and 3D print without supporter.
(even elementary school students can!)

Easy and simple, but powerful.
Readability is much better than 'simply extruded one' at human eye level
and at some angle in specific cases.
(imagine that it is on a apartment hallway!)

For this project, you will need :

  • 3D Printer (recommend : FDM method)
  • Filament (color : what you want)
  • Fusion360 (It's free for 3years! : https://goo.gl/SveKgJ)
  • Slicer (recommend : Cura)
  • Your logo to be signage : SVG file
    -> If you don't have, find it here, It's free! : https://thenounproject.com/
    -> Or draw your own!

Optional (to attach on iron) :

Step 1: Start Fusion 360 and Insert SVG File

If you don't have any svg file and you can draw sketch, do it,

If you don't have any svg file and you can't draw sketch, find something here : https://thenounproject.com/

If you have ai file or any other image format, check : https://goo.gl/Q9rd9T (file format converter)

Step 2: Revolve Your Logo (svg File)

Draw a line below your logo sketch, It will be your revolve axis.

And Revolve your logo depending on the own situation. (recommend : 45 ~ 55 degrees)

Almost there!

Step 3: Join Together in One Body

Almost completed, but you can see that each body is separated.

We will print it all at once, so we will put it together in one body.

Create a box on the top, so that all the chunks become one.

Thickness is proportional to the size of the signage.

Step 4: Print It! Well Done!

If you don't need to attach it on iron by magnet, It's done!
You can put it somewhere and use it as an ornament, or you can put it somewhere using double-sided tape.

But if you think It's too easy, make a challenge insert magnet (next step).
(Actually, using a magnet is a perfect solution for the tenant : easy attachment and detachment)

Step 5: (Optional) Make Magnet Hole

Right-click and use Hole.
It's a hole for a magnet, you can make a hole for your magnet.
Tip angle is not necessary in this case, so adjust it to 180 degrees.

In my case, I used a 10mm x 10mm magnet.
But the hole is made a little bigger.
This took into account the tolerance of the FDM 3D printer.

In the case of height, I will do with bridge without supporter, so I gave a little more margin.

* Here we must ensure that the magnets we are using are not too large for the overall size of the signage.

Step 6: (Optional) Print and Insert Magnet

Insert the magnet into the pre-made hole with the epoxy bond.
In my case, I seperated the body because of max print size.
just depend on own 3D printer.

Anyway, what you can do with an FDM printer is not much more than you might think.
When you make a vase, water leaks
and when you make tools, it breaks well.

However, these decorations can be easily customized on-demand.
and Super easy.

I hope my little tips will help you a lot.

Thank you.

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    1 year ago

    Great ideas. But it's quite a boring object, but it can help ensure you have a well setup and calibrated machine. You can print these solid to test for over extrusion and size calibration.
    Stanley Davis || massivit3d.com


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you for saying that :)