Introduction: SUPER EASY RC PLANE From Rc Car

About: I'm 13 from indo,surabaya.i love to screw things up,its like my habit.Welcome to the world my new nephew(kenzo).Hope you follow me and be a gadget lover :) .My current school:Petra 3 surabaya.Im also the 201...

HEY GUYS!!!in this instructables i will show you how to make a simple rc plane from rc car.

Level of hardness:NONE

This instructables is useful when you're bored driving and dreaming to fly

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


1.One rc car

2.Some cables(2m)

3.two rc dc motor(i bought mine from eBay)

4.A lot of styrofoam

5.Plasctic plates



1.Soldering tool



4.Some tapes


6.Exacto knive

7.Sandpaper(150 grit)



Step 2: Understanding How Rc Car Works

We will assume that the exact frequency used is 27.9 MHz. Here's the sequence of events that take place when you use the RC transmitter: You press a trigger to make the truck go forward.The trigger causes a pair of electrical contacts to touch, completing a circuit connected to a specific pin of an integrated circuit (IC).The completed circuit causes the transmitter to transmit a set sequence of electrical pulses (see How Radio Works for details). Each sequence contains a short group of synchronization pulses, followed by the pulse sequence. For our truck, the synchronization segment ,which alerts the receiver to incoming information ,is four pulses that are 2.1 milliseconds (thousandths of a second) long, with 700-microsecond (millionths of a second) intervals. The pulse segment, which tells the antenna what the new information is, uses 700-microsecond pulses with 700-microsecond intervals.

Inside our RC car, we have two electric motors, an antenna, a battery pack and a circuit board.
One motor turns the front wheel right or left, while the other motor turns the rear wheels to go forward or backward. The circuit board contains the IC chip, amplifier and radio receiver. A few simple gears connect the motors to the wheels. It is really amazing how versatile the range of movement is with so few components.

I will also show you a typical rc car pic

Step 3: How Airplane Works

Flight requires two things: thrust and lift. Thrust is the forward motion provided by a propeller or jet engine. (A propeller, by the way, uses the same principles discussed below to create lift, but it uses that lift to move the plane forward instead of up.)

Lift is a lot trickier than thrust. In fact it is very controversial and often poorly explained and, in many textbooks, flat wrong. I know, because some readers informed me that the original version of this story was inaccurate. I've attempted to correct it after researching conflicting "expert" views on all this. An airplane wing has a special shape, called an airfoil, that bulges more on top than on the bottom. That shape aids in flight, but is not the key. If this were all there were too it, then how could some planes fly upside-down? When air meets the wing, it splits into two streams, top and bottom. You'll often hear that the two streams meet up again in the back, as depicted here, because the air passing over the top has to travel farther than the air going underneath, so it is forced to move faster. But in fact, parcels of air do not join back up in any uniform manner. Faster-moving air has less pressure (this is often called the Bernoulli principle). So the area above the wing is often said to have less pressure than the area below the wing, creating lift. Again, the reality is more complex, and Newton's laws are typically preferred over the Bernoulli principle to explain lift. The Newtonian idea is this: Air flowing over the wing is ultimately deflected downward by the angle of the wing, and Newton said there has to be an equal and opposite reaction, so the wing is forced upward. If you're about fed up, rest assured that even engineers still argue over the details of how airplanes fly and what terms to use. Drag Two forces work against flight: drag and gravity. A wing has to be designed not only to produce lift, but also to minimize the friction with passing air, which causes drag. Every airplane has a specific takeoff speed, where lift overcomes gravity. That critical speed changes based on how much weight a particular flight packs. The planes propeller or jet engine, meanwhile, has to work to provide enough thrust to overcome drag. Wondering why the airfoil got tilted in some of our examples? It's a simple way to increase the distance the air has to travel over the top. Pilots can make minor adjustments to the wing flaps, effectively changing the wing's angle into the wind. A more tilted wing allows more lift to be created at a lower speed. One more way to think about it: Ever "fly" your hand out car window? Try it sometime. If your hand (the airfoil) is level, it zips through the air in a level plane. Tilt the leading edge of your hand upward and the wind pushes up from underneath and your hand is lifted. Tilt the wing of an airplane too far, though, or reduce the speed too much, and pockets of turbulence form along the top of the wing. Lift is reduced, and the plane enters a stall and falls from the sky. Trained pilots can recover a plane from a stall by pointing the nose downward and increasing the plane's speed until lift wins out again.THATS HOW AIRPLANE FLIES :)

this design flies by differential thrust principle.

If 2 motors is "on"then the plane go forward

if motor left is "on" then the plane will go right

if motor right is "on"then the plane will go left

Don't try doing one forward and one reverse(it never ends well)

Step 4: Open Your Rc Car


Open all the screws from the rc car and take only the important parts shown in the pic.

Don't forget to remember/take a pic of the circuit(except if you know what goes to what)or you might make your plane go crazy.

Step 5: Take the Important Components

There are only a few things that you should take.And a few to throw as well


Cut the cables that connects to dc motor(dont cut totally)

If you're rc car works using magnets as driving you might need to take off the copper wires that connects to it.

The rc car symbol and connection will be shown.

Vcc and gnd are power ports

L and R are left and right(for first motor)

F and B are forward and back(for second motor)

please check the dc motors since they might sometimes stop working.In my example i used a breadboard to test the motors.

Step 6: Making the Fuselage and Wing

Use stryrofoam to make the body.I cut mine and made it similar to MQ1 predator drone.Then make a 10 cm foam body.Keep in mind not to make a very large body since it might be to heavy for your rc plane.I sliced 2 holes so i can insert the pcb and battery(do expose the cables since you might need to charge).

Attach 2 glide fins on the end.Then attach you're wing into you're plane.If you're using normal glue,try to cover it with tape so it wont break.

Make the wing using a foam cutter which you can find out how on many youtube vids.Or just cut manually as i did.Remember to make it airfoil.I decided to change my design from straw to styrofoam because the straw is to fragile.Pls ignore the straws since its just flaw design

Step 7: Modifying PCB

After you taken off PCB.You might notice there are symbols including vcc,r,l,f,b,GND.Try to make the cables that attach to those pins a bit longer.Then connect the motors onto it(on r,l,f,b).

Motor 1 goes to F and B
Motor 2 goes to R and L

Remember to double check the polarity or you might be a bit confused when trying to fly the plane.

Step 8: Assembling

In this step i will show you how to assemble you're rc plane.Firstly you need to insert the PCB and battery inside the rc plane fuselage(modify the holes and try to keep the COG balanced).You will also need to cut 2 straws into X cm each.Then make a hole in each wing and insert you're straw into it.Cut some plastic plane to cover the area from the straw and you're almost ready good to go!

I attach the motor 9 cm from my strating point which is the beginning of my wing.Use tape to cover the area b4 glueing because no foam glue will hold a motor(you'll need stronger glues).I attach my battery below my plane and use some tape to attach it.

Step 9: Paint You're Plane :0

I painted mine black.You can paint it anyway you like.This step doesn't need a lot of explanation since we love to paint right?Try painting pattern and decal.Im planning to name my plane kenzo(my new nephew)

Step 10: Home Made Lipo Charger

I used an old heli charger and cut the cables.There will be 2 cables inside.a ground cable and a 5v cable.You will need to split and skin the cables.

You can charge you're lipo by just connecting

Lipo - charger



Sometimes the ground cable can be in different colours including green and brown.

Step 11: You're Done and Pls Vote :)

If you made it to this step it means you successfully built a homade rc plane.Btw this plane cannot fly outside.Try play in indoor futsal/badminton arena for max enjoyment.I hope you enjoy and vote me

more pic update soon.My cam suddenly went of so this is all the pic i can get for now.I'll upload a video tomorrow since my wifi is so slow at night.Cheers and chill guys! :)

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    Orange robot
    Orange robot

    2 years ago

    I think I will build this. But I am wondering how well does it fly? Is it somewhat easy to fly too?

    Alexander heron the inventor
    Alexander heron the inventor

    Reply 2 years ago

    haha flying is very challenging for my prototype due to its short range(6m) and a very weak motor.I suggest using rc car with 20m range(minimum).With some stronger motors.It might be easier.If u ever tried an airhog rc toy(plane) it kinda feels the same


    Reply 2 years ago

    Make longer antennas?


    2 years ago

    Can we use a single n20 motor and actuator for making rc plane? Please send a video of flying


    3 years ago

    nice plane


    3 years ago

    hello alexander

    i have made a similar plan with foamboad and used 2 -3V DC motors and A Massive Battery 650 Mah

    but i didnt know how did you make your plan steering i think i have made every thing to make a flaps or Elevator or side wings steer but not with The RC

    If you please give me advice to finish it

    one more favor i want make a good propeller to carry my plan its wight about 210 gm

    BR,Ibrahim From Egypt

    Alexander heron the inventor
    Alexander heron the inventor

    Reply 3 years ago

    btw I'm heron :),I use differential driving or more commonly known as tank drive.Look it up at Google .its very easy and a cheap way to build stuffs


    Reply 3 years ago

    i know alot about tank steering but look to your model you will find that only one engine on the right wing working while throttling up that would make the plane steer not taking off


    3 years ago

    amazing. u got great talent


    3 years ago

    You have my vote for two reasons.
    A. It's a cheap and fun hack that anyone can do as long as they know how. (Which they can learn on here)
    B. You don't already have a drone, so it is cooler for you to win.