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hey again, so i had this crazy idea about a super safe place to hide your valuable stuff, or even ur money (i stored my valuable electronic components) and that's what i came up with, yes in a lamp !!!

Step 1: Opening the Lamp

you can use any type of lamp,i used an led lamp which was easy to open, but if you are using a filament lamp it will take some time and muscle, to open just rotate it  back and forth until it loosens up, a filament lamp is the best, as it has the largest storage place, (use one which is not transparent!!)

Step 2: Removing the Circuit

***just skip this step if you are using a filament lamp***
i had to only remove two screws in order to get the circuit off, it depends on the lamp really.

Step 3: Place Your Stuff!!

the title says it all !!

Step 4: Reassemble the Lamp

undo all of the disassembly process i even added a wire at the end to make it look more real.
hope you enjoyed !!



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