SUPER Grill Fish

Ouchhh.........Tooooo tastyyyyy to see

Step 1:

First put some oil in a glass dish

Step 2:

Marinate some boneless fish

Step 3:

Put it for grilling in microwave

Step 4:

Wait for it to get brown

Step 5:

take it out when it looks a little brown from the upside

Step 6:

Put it upside down

Step 7:

And again put it inside to grill and wait it for it to get brown

Step 8:

When it is done take it out

Step 9:

And enjoy it

Step 10:

Presented it to you by chef Pranav Srivastav



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    i must say you have done very well in doing this stuff.Congratulations for becoming a chef at such a young age.You probably would be around 12 or 13