She is “SUPER LADY” a robot inspired by every woman in the world. She always comes with a nice smile and pink cheeks. When you look at her she will remind you not to forget to take care of your lady! Are you ready for her? Let’s do it!

Create this cool robot in only 4 minutes… all you need is


-A printer

-Scissure/Craft knife

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Step 1: Download and Print Out the Template for Paper Robot.

Download and print out the template for paper robot.

Step 2: Step2: Cut Out the Robot Body

Cut along the solid black line only (DO NOT CUT THE DOTTED LINE)

Step 3: Step3: Fold Body

Fold along the dotted line to keep the form of the robot intact.

Step 4: Step4: Tape It!

Tape along the labeled area and connect the top and body.

Enjoy it!



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    6 months ago

    Nice little craft project, and it's great that you included a printable template too! : )