I am going to tell you how to make SWAP, this is a cover for an OPSORO robot.
I use 2 eye-modules of OPSORO to make the cover, the rest is all handmade and I'm going to show you how!

First I came up with the idea because modularity was an imortant object of the task.
With SWAP it's possible to replace the objects, eyes can be placed on the bottom, and all the basic parts can be switched.

Step 1: Lasercut the Grid

I made the grid in CAD Siemens nx, and I lasercutted this via Adobe illustrator.
The material is abs.

Step 2: Thermoform the Basic Parts

There are 3 basic parts.
First I made foam models in PUR (polyurethane) , then I thermoformed these from PS sheets (polystyrene).
After thermoforming, I cut the holes for the eyes with a cutter knife and made a hole on each side of the thermoform. You can look at the video to see where exactly and why.

Step 3: Make the Extra Parts

You lasercut some new parts that fit into the holes of the grid that you also lasercut.
On the end of these pieces, glue (with superglue) the circles that you cut out earlier to the part.
You can make the extra parts by glueing them onto the circles. I made feet that I cut out of foam.

Step 4: Make It Your SWAP

Watch the video to see what you have to do to make your own SWAP.

You'll need:
- The parts that you made in the steps before
- Paint and a sponge
- 31 nuts and 21 bolts to assemble (without the opsoro components)
- a screw driver
- Some toothpicks

Have fun!



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    1 year ago

    That's a cute cover :)