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About: I am just a person who loves doing crazy and fun things... I always love to try to innovate when I can, and share any new discoveries I find... That is why I have recently started recording my shenanigans ...

Dead Instructable Please Remove.



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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    You're welcome, just don't forget to practice it first to get it down. Otherwise you should be sure to impress!!

    Actually I have not... Funny enough though, I have a Gallon of mineral oil Around so maybe I'll give it a shoot...

    Also If you wish to get Mineral Oil for cheap, you can buy it in Bulk at some place Like Tractor Supply... It is in the Animal section because of it use for treating Digestive Issues...

    The stuff I got was 99.99% pure and only cost me 17$ for a Gallon, so it was significantly cheaper than buying a small bottle for like 7 or so...

    If I get the chance though I'll try it out soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Yeah, I usually just pick mine up at the drugstore since humans also use it for digestive issues. It comes in smaller containers, but I don't do it that often so it would take me ages to go through a gallon although I'm sure it's cheaper! haha

    Well if you use it for fire breathing you might be able to use it up quicker. Anyways I'll Hopefully try mineral oil out by the end of today, and hopefully get a video up by today or tomorrow...